Statement by Councillor-elect Rick Thompson

I would like to thank the residents of McBride who came out in great numbers (53%) for the by-election and returned me to McBride Village Council for a fourth term with a strong mandate. I would like to thank the many individuals that worked so hard on my campaign.

Thank you also to Lisa Bugaychuk, Joe Rich and Diane Smith who put their names forward for a seat on Council. Running for political office leaves one open, not only for praise but also for criticism, for everything you do or have done and this can be very challenging, especially in a small community where everyone is a neighbor. I commend each of you and your teams for the work that you did during the campaign.

My campaign focus was clear. McBride Village Council needs to do the right thing and do things right and the electorate agreed. They have asked me to bring my expertise and experience back to the Council table to help us all moving forward.

A village council’s focus will change depending on the situations that present themselves. However, my immediate focus includes:

Working with other community leaders to reduce community conflict and work toward a Shared Community Vision.

Implementing, with all of Council and staff, an effective Communication Strategy.

Working to ensure that MCFC, one of our greatest community assets, continues to grow, improve and provide opportunity for McBride and area residents.

Bringing Discussion and Debate which leads to better decisions and better government back to the Council table where it belongs.

My first steps as a newly elected Councillor will be to confirm the date of my official oath taking and to arrange a meeting with Mayor Martin to discuss my portfolio.

I commit to the residents of McBride that I will work hard on your behalf, will manage responsibly your tax dollars, will be open to new ideas, will work to create the conditions to encourage private sector investment and new jobs for families, will work to create a community where everyone feels welcome and will focus on goals and actions that make a better community for all residents.

Thank you again for the confidence and trust that you have placed in me as your Councillor elect. I welcome your ideas and comments by phone, text or email.