Random acts of vandalism disturb residents of Valemount

Dianne St. Jean

It was almost a bit of deja-vu for Valemount resident Hamza Razzak in the early morning hours of Sunday, June 19.

Razzak was sitting in his living room when a rock smashed through the double-paned glass of a window just above where he was sitting.  

Razzak immediately ran outside to see if he could spot a person or vehicle, but saw nothing.

The projectile was a riverbed rock, about 10 cm in diameter. 

“It came just centimetres from his head,” commented Gurdeep Kaler, who shares the home with Razzak and Savi Sandhu. Sandhu was not home at the time and Kaler was asleep downstairs.

It seems not that long ago when Sandhu, Razzak and Amrit Cheema experienced similar unsettling events at their home. At the end of August, 2014 the still relatively new arrivals to Valemount were being woken up at night by individuals knocking on windows, ringing their doorbell, and egging their home. Events peaked when Sandhu’s car tires were flattened and a beheaded effigy, accompanied by a sign “no dogs” was left on their porch (The Valley Sentinel/Sept. 4, 2014).

Once news of the happenings broke, the community of Valemount responded wonderfully with support for “the boys”.

Although this sparks some memories, Razzak believes this to be a random act of vandalism.

Local RCMP received other complaints from residents who also experienced rocks flying through their windows around that time. In total, four windows in three buildings were hit.

Valemount RCMP are asking anyone who may have information about these incidents to come forward, or contact Crimestoppers. 

DIanne st. jean photo
DIanne st. jean photo