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Diana Kim - Dduk Bae Kie Restaurant

Diana Kim  - Dduk Bae Kie Restaurant
Meet Diana Kim, one of Valemount’s most recent female entrepreneurs and the new owner of the Dduk Bae Kie restaurant on 5th Avenue.

Over the last five years or so, Kim travelled back and forth passing through Valemount and, like many, fell in love with it. She moved to Valemount just six months ago with her two sons Shan and David. 

Kim brings with her years of experience in cooking, specializing in Korean and Japanese cuisine. She managed a Japanese restaurant in Surrey, and has a major in nutritional health.

The improvements she has already made to the restaurant reveal her talent, dedication and vision for the business.

The inside has been upgraded with a fresh, clean new look. She has also added an outside courtyard, attractively furnished with trees, lights, and mini-gardens that provide fresh ingredients for the dishes.  

Says Kim, “We tried our best to change the atmosphere and beautify it, make it more inviting.”

Another improvement is a consistency in business hours in consideration of both locals and tourists.

Kim wants to provide a positive Asian food experience for locals and tourists alike. Traditional Korean dishes such as Bibimbap, Bulgogi, and assorted Kimchi dishes are served as before; but Kim has also added Japanese food to the menu, such as Sushi, Sashimi, Teriyaki, Yakisoba, and hot food dishes.

Stop by at the Dduk Bai Kie and experience for yourself the excellent skill and service from this new Woman in Business.

Dduk Bae Kie Restaurant

1233B – 5th Ave, Valemount, BC


Diana Kim  - Dduk Bae Kie Restaurant
Diana Kim  - Dduk Bae Kie Restaurant