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Brenda Molendyk – Welcome Home

Marie Birkbeck photo
Marie Birkbeck photo

Brenda Molendyk is humble, soft-spoken, easy-going, and a self-proclaimed workaholic with a passion for what she does. 

Brenda is no stranger to the business world, having first operated a health food store in McBride and then later, she and her husband managed McBride AG Foods for a number of years. When AG Foods became the sole grocery store in town, the workload became overwhelming, and they gave up that venture and returned to the farm. 

It was not long until Molendyk felt the call of the business world again, and after much consideration she opened Welcome Home Antiques and Gifts on Sept. 18, 2015.

When you walk in the door of this shop, you are instantly drawn to the wide array of gifts and artwork tastefully merchandised alongside the numerous pieces of antique furniture; the two product lines really do complement each other. Although the collection of gifts is acquired at gift shows, many of the antiques are in the store on consignment, having come from local farm families that are downsizing.

This business model has filled the bill for Brenda, affording her the opportunity to contribute to the business community and the local economy. She laughed when she said that at least with this line of merchandise she does not always have to be checking for expiry dates!  

A small lunch counter featuring homemade soup, sandwiches and wraps provides Brenda with the social interaction of her many friends and neighbors in her community.

Molendyk is also a very active member in the Village. She is currently President of McBride & District Chamber of Commerce, as well as being involved in the Seniors Housing and the Royal Purple, assisting with the catering of events in town. She says her goal is to stay busy until she retires. 

The sign on the door says 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday – Saturday, but it is not uncommon to see Brenda in her store as early as six or seven in the morning. 

The store features a small selection of clothing, baby needs, and gifts and décor to match any taste - fisherman, farmer, tea connoisseur, and so much more. There are plans to bring in fabric in the coming weeks.

If you are in need of a unique gift for someone be sure and stop by Welcome Home. There is probably something there that will meet your needs.  


Welcome Home 

289 Main St  

McBride, BC