Women in Business - A Special Women in Business Funding and Resources

Marie Birkbeck

Do you have a great idea for a small business but are not quite sure about how to build a business plan, or just don’t have the capital to get started? Perhaps you have a well-established small business venture but would like to expand? Help is really only a phone call or an email away.

A recent webinar hosted by Northern Development Initiatives Trust and Love Northern BC presented a comprehensive listing of sources available to offer assistance to entrepreneurs, and with their permission we share with our readers.

1) Community Futures – Small Business Experts in the Community

  • Business planning
  • Business workshops
  • On line tools
  • Business advisors
  • Self-employment support 
  • Business loans (start up and growth) up to $150K
    Contact http://www.communityfutures.ca  to find the nearest branch or call 250-562-9622

2) Small Business BC – Small Business Experts across the Province 

  • On line tools  including guided GST registration 
  • Business webinars on a wide range of topics
  • Ask an Expert  - For a fee you can book a consult session with a Lawyer, an Accountant, HR Professional, Website Expert or a Branding Expert 
  • Contact http://smallbusiness.ca 

3) Women’s Enterprise Centre - Small Business Experts for Women Entrepreneurs

4) Futurepreneur Canada - Small Business Experts for Youth and Young Entrepreneurs

5) Forum for Women Entrepreneurs - Small business expertise for Women Entrepreneurs 

6) Mentorship BC  - Customized matching to a mentor
A mentor provides a small business owner: 

Other funding sources worth looking at are: 

7) Business Development Bank of Canada - Small Business loan – up to $50K

8) Canada Small Business Financing program  - through local bank or credit union – up to $1M

Women in Business - A Special Women in Business  Funding and Resources