Village of Valemount News & Highlights - Dec 21

Marie Birkbeck
Village of Valemount News & Highlights - Dec 21

The last regular meeting of 2016 for the Village of Valemount Council was held on Tuesday, Dec. 13.    A resolution was passed that the Village contribute $500 each year for five years to The Neil Muth Scholarship Fund. Muth was President and CEO of Columbia Basin Trust from 2005 until his passing in mid November.

After much discussion and deliberation, a motion was passed that the Village of Valemount consent, on behalf of the electors of the Village, an increase in operating funds implemented for the Canoe Valley Recreation Centre Local Service Establishment to a maximum of $373,460 as outlined in Amendment Bylaw No. 3022, 2016.   An application by a numbered BC Company requesting a variance to three parts of the Subdivision Servicing Bylaw: 1) Section 2.02 of Schedule E - Minimum grade for 200mm pipe to be varied from 0.40% to 0.33%.  2) Section of 2.08 of Schedule E - Location of sanitary sewer line to be relocated from centerline of road to 5.0 meters from centerline. 3) Section 2.06 of Schedule D - Location of water line to be relocated from 3.50 meters from centerline to 5.0 meters from centerline, received initial approval. Final approval of the variance request is expected to be handed down at the Jan. 10, 2017 regular meeting of Council.    
  • At the previous council meeting a letter had been received from Kim Thorn requesting consideration be given to developing the downtown area - specifically Centennial Park. The Public Works Committee considered the issues identified, and provides the following comments to Council:
  • Splash Park: Depending on the nature and amount of water used and the type of water discharge facilities, a Splash Park can be either a reasonable cost, or a very expensive one. The report went on to say that a simple sprinkler system may be quite economic, where a more extensive splash park as seen in larger centers would require considerably more research and investigation of possible funding sources.
  • Re-location of the Band Shell: Centennial Park was originally considered as a possible location for the Band Shell. The location was dropped from the list because of the residential uses in the immediate area. Music from the Band Shell could cause concern in the residential area.
  • Improved washrooms and a drinking fountain: It was felt that the current washrooms were adequate for the present park use and had been repainted this year. Public water fountains are considered a liability for the Village and would not be supported.
  • Relocation of the Community Market: The organizers of the Community (Farmers) Market had chosen the area by the Info Center in order to attract highway traffic.
  •  Community garden and fruit trees:  It was suggested there is already a garden facility on Village Property behind the High School. It may be reasonable to look further at this site with respect to agreements and use as a community garden.
A resolution was passed that staff be directed to investigate the costs and feasibility of a Splash Park in Centennial Park and that interested proponents of a community garden be directed to investigate the costs and the feasibility of developing a community garden in conjunction with VSS on Village property behind the school.   Council adopted the appointment of Jennifer Applebaum, Riette Kenkel, Shirley Mackillop, Korie Marshall, Andru McCracken, Rashmi Narayan, Shirley Sander, Keith Shepherd and Councillor Reimer to the Select Affordable Housing Committee.   Tourism Valemount is requesting Council’s approval to submit on behalf of the Village of Valemount an application to Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure for a Stop of Interest Sign in the area. Their top three sites for signage are: 1) The history of Tete Jaune Cache; 2) The Train Crash Memorial from the Korean War; 3) Salmon Spawning Grounds-Swift Creek.  Council approved the locations and directed Tourism Valemount to submit their application prior to the Jan. 31, 2017 deadline.   The Village of Valemount has been notified by the Ministry of Energy and Mines (MEM) that they have received a request from Borealis Geopower for a permit under the Geothermal Resources Act. In their response to MEM the letter states: “The Village has no concerns about the issuance of a permit under the Geothermal Resources Act adjacent to an existing geothermal permit in the Cedarside area south of Valemount. The Village of Valemount requests that the permit holder engage with property owners prior to any activity on private property.” Also included in the letter to MEM will be the notes from the Direct Heat Users committee.   The next regular meeting of the Village of Valemount Council will be Tuesday, Jan. 10, 2017.