Group suggests challenge for other local businesses to pitch in

Robson Valley Music Festival Green Team donates to McBride Grad Class

According to Robson Valley Music Festival Green Team Coordinator Jake Grin, the Team has decided to shift one aspect of their focused community action this year to the McBride Graduating Class of 2017 Dry Grad trip. From the recycling returns, $200 will be donated toward the Class’ bus expenses to and from Seattle.
This has been made possible because of the successful Music Fest.

As Grin stated, the McBride students deserve special recognition for the many awards and bursaries they earn.
Says Grin, “It is our thinking that if a small, once-a-year enterprise such as ourselves can put together a couple hundred bucks toward the bus trip, then some of our local businesses could maybe do the same and help fund the Grad’s bus as well. That’s a challenge folks.
“Let’s show our grads that we’re behind them, not only behind them but thinking about how we can expand our business opportunities so that there will be jobs for them in the future.”
The team also puts the funds to use in the maintenance of the Dunster picnic grounds. For example, according to Grin, they have successfully installed battery-operated motion activated lights inside both the men’s and women’s ‘pavilion side’ outhouses.
Hey – it’s all important.