Mrs. Claus – the woman behind the Red Suit

Marie Birkbeck
Mrs. Claus – the woman behind the Red Suit
Behind every successful man is a woman pointing him in the right direction. And this week’s woman in Business is no exception.
She is a well-known but seldom seen woman who works quietly and tirelessly behind the scenes all year to assure that her husband’s business goes off without a hitch - or in this case, with a hitch!

Although she has been married to the most famous man of all time since about 1849 or so - she laughingly says that it has been so long, it seems like forever, no one really knows her real name. For many years, Santa called her Goodwife but soon shortened that to Goody. Movie makers have given her names like Jessica or Mary, sometimes they call her Mother Christmas but mostly she just goes by Mrs. Santa.
Their business is not your average business with street front accessibility; indeed, it is unique. Sprawled across countless acres in a snowy wintery territory at the top of the world, Santa’s Top Shop is accessible only by air. Reindeer Air is the exclusive transportation provider to this remote village.
Mrs. Santa graciously refused an in-person interview with The Valley Sentinel citing that the sheer distance to the North Pole would be time restrictive, plus the several thousand staff and factory workers she oversees are easily distracted by strangers in the workplace at this busy time of year; so to avoid a colossal disruption, she agreed to a long-distance interview.
She explains that her job as General Manager of the North Pole Productions requires a lot of managerial skills and patience which thankfully she was blessed with from a young age. From Secretary, Mentor, Bookkeeper, Accountant, Human Resources and general overseer, there is not much that she doesn’t do.
Before computers and the internet finally made it to the North Pole in 1997 you would often find Mrs. Santa sitting at a huge desk for hours at a time, sorting through the mountainous supply of mail that finds its way to the jolly old Elf. It was no easy task to enter each and every name of the children who write to her husband every year along with their special requests. The soft-spoken woman admits that the introduction of the computer was truly one of the best investments they have made; she now has more time to spend tending to the other important tasks to prepare for Santa’s big trip.
In addition to seeing that Santa’s boots are well polished, she also likes to give the reindeer some special attention; their harnesses must also be in good repair and able to withstand the annual trip to deliver gifts to the millions of children around the world.
December is their busiest time of year as they prepare for the big night, so regrettably Mrs. Santa does not have time to get away, but once the Christmas rush is over, she likes to take a month or so off to re-group, sitting in front of the fireplace with her husband. As we concluded the interview Santa Claus himself chimes in and confesses that although he had performed all these duties by himself for several centuries, Mrs. Santa has really streamlined the operation and made it more efficient. So this year when you are setting out cookies on Christmas Eve, remember the woman who has helped to make this all possible.
Merry Christmas!

You can write Mr. & Mrs. Santa at:
Santa Claus,
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