Move on and move forward

Dianne St. Jean
Move on and move forward
Here we are, launched into another new year and already off to an interesting start. A lot of things that happened in the last year have obviously set the tone for the upcoming one, some of the events still raising controversy.

As mentioned in the article on the front page, 2017 is a year of special milestones, especially for those of us living in this region.
Aside from anticipated anniversary celebrations, we are also seeing the launching and continuation of certain projects and events. There are things that have been started that need to be finished, and there are things that have ended that need a new beginning.
First, let’s consider elections. The most obvious for us of course is McBride, which is faced with having to re-elect and reappoint people to lead the village and its investments, including and especially the Community Forest. The last year or two of constant bickering, backlashing, and personal power plays seems to have finally taken its toll, resulting in the collapse of administrations. Hopefully the damage caused, not only in broken relationships but also in a negatively affected economic sector, has finally taught a lesson in the necessity to move past the past and move forward to the future, and to lay aside personal agendas and resentments for the betterment of everyone.
While everyone needs to have their viewpoint heard, continual bickering and reminders of things that happened begin, after a while, to get old and tiresome, and ultimately benefits no one. If anything, it tends to inhibit the ability to move on toward progress.
The same thing applies with the results of the U.S. election. Even as Canadians we endure months and months of invasive coverage of the American electoral process dominating our own airwaves and news coverage times. Normally the coverage traffic slows down and we enjoy hearing more news about Canada and the rest of the world once the American election is over. Not this time. I’ve heard the names “Trump” and “Putin” so many times over the last few weeks it’s sickening, that the name “Putin” is starting to sound more like “puking”. Like I said, after a while people get tired of hearing the same old gripes and complaints over and over again. Even if you don’t like the fact that Trump won the election, guess what, for the sake of television sanity – get over it already. Let’s move on.
Then there’s the Kinder Morgan pipeline issue in our area. I’m watching on the news while actress Jane Fonda (yes, once again an “American” airwave invasion into Canada) tours the area around Fort McMurray and is about to proceed with lecturing the Canadian government on its decision to proceed with the pipeline projects. I don’t know about you, but I’m kind of getting tired of American celebrities overriding their influence on to Canadian ground. Guess what folks? Whether or not you like the results, Presidents of the United States and Prime Ministers of Canada are elected in through democratic process. What gives an American actress the right to come over to our ground and tell our Prime Minister what to do? I say again – the decision has been made – get over it and yes, let’s move on.
Later this year those of us in B.C. will be returning to the polls. Hopefully we’ve had our fill of enough dirty politics and negativism that there will be some deliberate sense of decency in the upcoming provincial elections.
On a more positive note, let’s enjoy the progress and economic benefits that come from an attitude of moving on and moving forward. Take Valemount as an example. Where would we be without the productive vision and positive interaction of which we see the results around us? Overall, we have an awesome summer and winter sports industry that is continually thriving because it is constantly being promoted, and people are working together to make that happen.
And while there still may be some hesitancy among a few to want or believe that the Valemount Glacier Destinations ski resort will go through, there seems to be every indication that it will. And even if you think there will be no direct benefit to Valemount from the ski resort, unquestionably it has put the Village in the media spotlight. People from the outside are coming in to check up on what Valemount has to offer, even before the ground has been broken on the resort’s construction.
So, where am I going with all of this?
I guess what it comes down to is, why don’t we make a conscious effort in this new year to be positive and proactive, elements which tend to result in prosperity and a good atmosphere, rather than self-protectionist and petty.
Progress is not made because people agree on every point, it is made when people respectfully learn to cooperate and focus on the positive points through honest negotiation; and negotiation is impossible as long as there is no letting go of old resentments and mistakes.
Move on in order to move forward.
We have a lot to look forward to in 2017. Let’s make it happen.