Robson Valley Regional RCMP Police report Jan 26, 2017 issue

Robson Valley Regional  RCMP Police report Jan 26, 2017 issue

Submitted by Cpl. Jason NASH
Robson Valley Regional RCMP
Valemount Detachment

On Jan. 16 the Valemount RCMP received a report of an overturned tractor trailer on Highway 5 in the area of Jackman Flats. The driver of the vehicle was not injured during the collision, and experienced whiteout conditions at the time. The investigation into this matter is ongoing.
On Jan. 16 the McBride RCMP attended a collision on Highway 16 in Crescent Spur near Snowshoe Creek involving a tractor trailer hauling lumber that had overturned. The road conditions in the area were poor at the time of the collision, and the eastbound tractor trailer was trying to avoid a moose and negotiate a left turn when it lost control and proceeded over an embankment. As a result of the collision lumber was scattered across the roadway. The driver was not injured, and was issued a violation ticket for speeding relative to conditions as per the motor vehicle act.
On Jan. 17 the Valemount RCMP responded to a single vehicle rollover on Highway 5 near Morrison Road. The driver of a white Chevrolet Cobalt lost control while trying to pass other vehicles, crossed into the southbound lane and over an embankment. The driver, and sole occupant, was ejected and sustained critical injuries. Valemount Highway Rescue and BC Ambulance attended the scene and the male was transported to the Valemount Health Centre for treatment and ultimately airlifted to Kamloops. The driver was not wearing his seatbelt at the time of the collision. This incident is still under investigation.
On Jan. 17 the Valemount RCMP received reports of multiple collisions on Highway 5 in the area of Lempriere Bridge. A tractor trailer had slid into oncoming traffic and became stuck in a snowbank. Moments later another tractor trailer lost control in the same area, and proceeded to slide into the first tractor trailer causing minimal damage. No one was injured in the collision, and visibility and road conditions were a factor.
On Jan. 19 Valemount RCMP were contacted by a male who was sledding and became stranded on a mountain in the Allan Creek area. Search and Rescue (SAR) were mobilized and utilizing a helicopter located three uninjured males. The helicopter was unable to take off because of poor weather conditions, so SAR proceeded to the area via snowmobile and extracted the three males and the initial rescue team.
On Jan. 19 Valemount RCMP received a report of a single vehicle rollover on Highway 5 approximately 1km north of Blackman Road. The male driver and infant were uninjured, but the female passenger sustained a bump on her head. BC ambulance attended the scene and treated the occupants. The female passenger was not wearing her seatbelt at the time of the collision, and charges under the motor vehicle are being considered. The infant was secured in the proper child seat and restraints preventing injury. The male driver of the pickup they were travelling in lost control on icy roads and he was unable to regain control. It is believed road conditions and speed were contributing factors in this collision (see related photo).
On Jan. 21 McBride RCMP were conducting a traffic checkstop at the intersection of Mountain View Road and Koeneman Road when a white pickup approached. The driver had consumed alcohol and provided a breath sample on a roadside device. The male driver was issued a 24-hour driving prohibition.
On Jan. 22 a vehicle travelling west on Highway 16 near Dome Creek was passed by another vehicle that had been tailgating when his rear driver side window shattered. It was reported that road conditions were not believed to have been a factor, but information to identify the suspect vehicle could not be provided. No one was injured in the incident.
Wearing your seatbelt is one of the best ways to protect yourself from getting injured or even killed in a crash. It's also the law.
What happens if you or your child is in a 50 km/h head-on crash, and not wearing a seatbelt?
A 150-pound adult will collide with other occupants, strike the inside of the vehicle or get thrown from the car with the same force as the weight of a 3½-ton truck.
An unrestrained 25-pound child will be thrown forward with the same force as the weight of 1,200-pound baby elephant.