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I’m starting an Ayurvedic morning routine and here’s why

Courtney Rupertus
I’m starting an Ayurvedic morning routine and here’s why
Whether you love mornings or despise them, we could all benefit from a healthy morning routine. The best part about incorporating healthy changes into your routine is that eventually you will do them on autopilot without any of the internal arguing we tend to put ourselves through.

Starting an Ayurvedic morning routine is basically just a fancy way of saying that I’m going to start incorporating healthy and balanced rituals or activities into my morning routine to start my day in the best way possible for my body, mind, and spirit.
The particular aspects of the routine I’d like to incorporate are as follows, and are based on Ayurveda and the natural rhythms of my day:
  1. Go to bed and wake up at the same time every day – There is something really magical, and yes I mean magical, when you wake up naturally at the same time every day. There was even a time in my life when I was able to wake up naturally at 4:30 am in order to go to a sunrise yoga class, and I could do it without any alarm – just my body’s natural rhythm that I had cultivated, and it felt amazing! Now, I’m not suggesting you adopt the exact same ritual, I only suggest deciding what time might work for you. For example, these days 7 am is a far more realistic time for me. Ayurveda recommends waking with the sun between 6 am and 10 am for maximum benefits.
  2. Splash water on your face – Ayurveda also suggests splashing your face with water 7 times (one for each chakra) as soon as you wake. To me, it’s a great signal to my brain that says, “I’m awake, and today is a new day!”
  3. Scrape your tongue – While I’m already in the bathroom splashing my face, now it’s time to scrape my tongue. It’s good practice to pay attention to how much gunk is on your tongue, not to mention that scarping it off and rinsing it away means you’re not ingesting it.
  4. Oil pulling – Again, while I’m already at it I have my coconut oil handy and ready to do 10 to 15 minutes of oil pulling, which is just swishing the oil around in your mouth. This is something I’ve done regularly before and has improved my dental hygiene and health significantly. Make sure you spit the oil into the garbage can when you’re done. Also, you can brush your teeth for the day once you’re done.
  5. Dry brushing and oiling the body – To me, this is a lovely and good-for-you spa session you get to indulge in every day. You can do these in any order you prefer, but most rub a oil into their whole body, pat dry, and then move into dry brushing with upward strokes that move blood flow into the heart. After all of this is done is a great time to shower for the day.
  6. Make space in the morning for yoga, meditation, and slowing down – Once I’m up and moving about the house, it’s time to get set up for the practice of yoga, meditation, and pranayama. From here, it’s easy for me to move into making a light and nourishing breakfast.
It does seem like quite a lot to tackle each and every morning, but I like to think of it as making sure I have self-care scheduled into my day so that it happens no matter what. Not to mention that the order in which each ritual is performed happens at a time that is most beneficial for the body, as to eliminate any, “I just ate a big breakfast so now I can’t do yoga for an hour,” kind of thoughts that sometimes make it harder for us to incorporate healthy activities into our day.