Leon Lorenz - Deer Jan 26, 2017 issue

Leon Lorenz
Leon Lorenz - Deer Jan 26, 2017 issue

There are a number of reasons why deer can survive a long, cold winter: 

1) A dense coat is paramount in keeping them warm. Coarse, hollow guard hairs cover soft, woolly underfur. Underfur is half the length of guard hair and five times as dense. This underfur traps layers of air with warmer layers close to the skin; 2) Fat storage around internal organs and under their skin insulates and provides energy reserves; 3) Sebaceous glands in the skin produce a water repellent oil that coats hair and helps keep them dry; 4) Decreased activity lowers their metabolic rate and saves energy; 5) Deer will also seek shelter in the thick bush at night or when there is a bitter cold wind. This young mule deer doesn't seem to mind the - 29°C temperature. As for me, after one hour of filming and without moving too much I was cold through and through. 

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