Five easy ways to beat winter boredom with self-care

Courtney Rupertus
Five easy ways to beat winter boredom with self-care
It’s at about this time of year that we start getting tired of winter and restless for spring to come.
Depending on how much sunshine we’ve gotten (or lack thereof) we could be feeling a little moody, and if you’re anything like me, you’ve been indulging in too many rich foods, and have dry, cracked skin from the chilly temps.

This week is all about five ways to care for your body and mind to get through this last bit of winter with ease.

Indulge in a DIY spa day at home
A great way to improve your mood as well as nourish your body is to take an hour or two to treat yourself to a “spa day”. Take a nice long bath or a steamy shower, really paying attention to the smells and sensations. Rub lotion or oil into your whole body, incorporate some self-massage, and again, really take your time here. Other ideas include giving yourself an at-home mani/pedi or putting on a moisturizing face mask. The key is not to rush, but rather relax and enjoy!
Curl up with a good book
Whether you’re a bookworm or not, we could all benefit from some quiet (screen-less) time where we read a great book or magazine. Really make this time count by getting set up with a cup of tea or coffee, a little sweet treat, a warm blanket, some candles, and even a cuddly pet. Try to spend at least an hour in this space without being distracted by emails, calls, or nagging tasks.

Start embracing winter rather than enduring it
Just because you’re tired of snow doesn’t mean it’s going anywhere. So you might as well just find ways to enjoy it. Bundle up for a nice long walk. Entice yourself out of the house by bringing along your favourite hot drink or meeting up with a friend you haven’t chatted with in a while. The fresh air will surely bring you out of any funk. If you don’t have one already, consider getting into an outdoor winter sport like snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, downhill skiing or snowboarding.

Start mentally ‘spring-cleaning’
We are usually way too busy during the spring and summer months to slow down and reflect on things that are no longer serving us. So why not use this relatively slow time to consider your goals, identify any negative holding patterns in our behavior or thinking, and clear out all the stuff we no longer need to hang on to? You can even visualize packing up your unwanted thoughts and getting rid of them, just as you would with actual spring-cleaning.

Simplify your online life
Something that makes me feel organized and mentally ‘lighter’ is to delete or unfollow folks on my social media feeds that no longer interest me or that affect me negatively. Take some time to reevaluate the feeds you spend time reading day in and day out. Do you find that you’ve been playing the comparison game with someone on Instagram? Let them go. Do you follow an ex-friend on Facebook just to keep tabs on their life? Let it go. It is a brave act of self-care to just let that stuff go without guilt.

While none of these activities will make the snow melt any faster, they will lift your spirits if they are low and make the rest of the winter a lot more enjoyable.