Through the Lens with Leon Lorenz


Leon Lorenz

The American marten spends most of its hunting time pursuing small creatures like squirrels, snowshoe hares, birds, voles and mice on the forest floor. They are excellent climbers and I'm sure they will occasionally nab a squirrel or other prey in the trees as well.
One of the rarest scenes I ever witnessed with this member of the weasel family happened around the mid 1990s. With my camera mounted on the tripod in front of me I was quietly waiting for moose to show up when suddenly I heard a commotion in a nearby sapling. A red squirrel was in a desperate struggle to keep ahead of a hungry marten. Around and around they spiraled on this small tree. Quickly powering up my camera I tried to film this rarely-seen event unfold in the wild; however, there wasn't even time to press the record button as the squirrel suddenly vanished into the thick underbrush and left the marten in the tree, and maybe wondering "Where did it go?"

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