Time Space Equation

Leonard Lea Frazer

Introduction (by Leonard): Both my father and step-mom, Norah, finished a nine-year stint in Valemount, my dad as the school principal, and Norah as the school librarian.  They left in 1969 for the South Pacific. During her first years of retirement I asked Norah to write the following story.

Her love of animals and people spread in her new home in the Fiji Islands where she went on to establish a special needs school in Levuka, Fiji. Today the building operates as the “Norah Frazer School for Special Learning.” Her legacy of learning continues.


Our Friend Marty

by Norah Frazer

“One of our greatest pleasures at our week­end retreat in the mountains near Valemount, has been contact with the wild animals and birds.
After winter snow settled in we regularly fed the birds, by hand when we were there, and by leaving congealed food and gravel hanging from various places during the week.
One winter I had a battle of wits with some­thing that was able to steal the bird's food no matter how cleverly it was hung. What kind of animal was it that could have managed to get that food from all the ingenious contraptions we invented?
One device was a feeder hanging from a wire strung between the two corners of our L-shaped cabin. One night we went out to investigate the spasmodic crashing on the walls between these corners, and that is when we met Marty. This beautiful little furry creature we had been try­ing to outwit was a Marten, about the size of a small cat, with big feet, a very bushy tail, and a fox like face. He had been trying to reach a feeder by jumping and scrambling up the wall, then with a leap, turn backwards, and land on the feeder.
By making the food more accessible, it was not long before we were good friends and he would come for handouts while I fed the birds.
As long as there were no strangers around little Marty enjoyed exploring through the house, but we carefully avoided shutting him in because he frightened easily.
Each spring Marty vanished with the snow, we always expected him to bring a wife and a family the following winter but he never did.”

Time Space Equation

Above left: Marty moves in.  Above centre: Marty gets brave.  Above right: Marty gets scared.

Time Space Equation

Above left: Marty enjoys a free meal. Above centre: Norah Frazer feeding a Whiskey Jack.
Above right:Norah Frazer at her Valemount wilderness cabin.