Letter to the Editor - Treasure Hunt

I am looking for some help from the citizens of Clearwater and area. In the summer (roughly May through August) between 1991 and 1994 there was a Treasure Hunt for a small, white onyx tree. The prize was $5000. The paper from which I obtained all the info had clues and pictures. One of the tasks was to find a special playing card under a bridge, I believe on Road 9.
This was not the Treasure Hunt for the Golden Skull.
This treasure hunt was approximately eight weeks in duration with hints in, what I thought, was the local paper. I have researched the paper from 1991 to 1994 and could not find reference to it.
 What I am asking is for anyone who remembers this to please contact me via my email, rokman4@gmail.com or phone 250-852-3660 (text or call). Any info you have or remember I would greatly appreciate.

Rod Smith