BC Government Ministry of Community, Sport and Cultural Development

Province grants $35,000 to Valemount for boundary extension study

VICTORIA - The B.C. government has approved a $35,000 Restructure Planning Grant to the Village of Valemount to study the impact of a municipal boundary extension that would include a proposed destination resort.

The grant will enable municipal officials with the Village of Valemount and the Regional District of Fraser-Fort George to study both the benefits and challenges involved in extending the village's municipal boundary to include the proposed Valemount Glacier Destination Resort.
Valemount Glacier Destinations Ltd. is proposing to build a year-round resort, including ski lifts, residential development and a hotel just west of the village. The resort proponent requires an approved master development agreement with the Province before the project can proceed.
Phase 1 of the proposed Valemount Glacier Destination Resort includes construction of ski lifts, a gondola, nine townhouses, 25 family chalets and one hotel. The resort is expected to offer year-round glacier skiing and gondola access for alpine sightseeing.
The municipal boundary study will focus only on how a change in the Village of Valemount's boundary would impact local residents and taxpayers, as well as the local governance, services and planning regulation provided by the village. It does not include any consideration of the viability or impact of the proposed resort.
"Valemount Glacier Destination Resort represents an exciting, unique opportunity for our community to attract global tourists and help build a prosperous future, and we were pleased to see the completion of the master plan process. Now we can take another step forward with a professional study of municipal boundary expansion. I sincerely thank Prince George-Valemount MLA, Minister Shirley Bond, Minister Peter Fassbender and Minister of State Donna Barnett for their continued support," says Jeannette Townsend, Mayor of Village of Valemount.
Ministry staff continue to work with the village and the Regional District of Fraser-Fort George to finalize the boundary extension study terms of reference and a cost-sharing agreement that will include the village's contribution of $20,000.
"I commend the Village of Valemount and the Regional District of Fraser-Fort George for taking a collaborative approach. Our government is pleased to support their efforts by providing the resources to enable a thorough study of the implications of a municipal boundary extension," says Peter Fassbender, Minister of Community, Sport and Cultural Development.
Valemount's Restructure Planning Grant is one of the key ways the B.C. government is taking action to strengthen and grow rural communities. To further support the needs of rural communities and build economic opportunities, the Province has released a Rural Economic Development Strategy.
"Our government recognizes that communities need responsible development to create jobs and attract investment. This grant will allow important work to be done as the Village of Valemount considers the impacts of a boundary expansion. I was pleased to work on behalf of the village to secure the grant." - Shirley Bond, MLA for Prince George-Valemount