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David Craig

Man on a Mission: David Craig of Valemount wastes no time when it comes to clearing snow.
Man on a Mission: David Craig of Valemount wastes no time when it comes to clearing snow.
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David is best known and recognized by locals driving his Skid Steer madly around Valemount to a number of residences and businesses after a heavy snowfall.
He is also owner of Spaz Logging (established in 1996) specializing in logging, road construction snow removal, and excavation works.
My first encounter with David was about three years ago, shortly after moving to Valemount.
I was able to handle the first few snowfalls shoveling out my own driveway, but a few weeks later I ended up being very sick with a tenacious flu. A fresh buildup of snow had dragged me outside, and I would shovel bit by bit until I had to go in and rest. The last stretch had hardened to a crisp crest just at the end of the driveway, and I was struggling to finish it off.
As I was out there, shoveling away best I could but still feeling sick, I noticed someone clearing snow a few doors down in a Skid Steer. I was just thinking how nice it would be to get the rest of the snow cleared mechanically, when suddenly the noise of the machine approaching made me look up. I barely had time to step aside when the bucket was lowered and the rest of that crusty, stubborn mess was pushed aside.
I later found out it was David. When it snowed again I called him. He wouldn’t take any money for helping me out that first time. I found that to be typical of him, removing snow free of charge at the Legion Hall as a service to the veterans, as well as for fire department members (himself a volunteer), RCMP personnel, and emergency responders.
Residents like David make Valemount a welcoming place.