Feeling content is good for your health and your wallet

Feeling content is good for your health and your wallet
You may be thinking, “What does money have to do with a health and wellness column?” Well, while it is true you cannot buy either one, they are tied to money due to the stresses and anxieties we very often feel about money.

Have you ever fallen victim to the internal argument, “Should I buy this? I know I shouldn’t spend money I don’t have, but it’s been a long week and I deserve to indulge a little!” and so on?
We’ve all been there. However, falling into the trap of spending money to treat ourselves can lead us down a dangerous path of self-medicating, numbing, and altogether avoiding problems that need to be dealt with before we can achieve overall wellness.
It happens to all of us, but did you know that simply taking a few moments to count your blessings could keep you from feeling the urge to spend? It will also decrease the chance of you buying something that will eventually cause you unhealthy feelings in the long run, like guilt or shame.
Feelings of contentment and gratitude have shown to improve our overall outlook on life so that we don’t feel the need to cram it full of stuff we don’t need. Saving money and decreasing the stress you feel about money is simply a direct consequence of feeling as though you already have everything you need.
So how do you achieve this wonderful state of being?
Focus on the present moment
Many of the anxieties and worries we feel are either based on the past, meaning we can’t let go of something that has already happened, or they are based on the unknown future where we can’t be guaranteed anything. Carrying all of this extra baggage around with us is really what makes our day start to feel terrible.
The best way to feel more content with your life is to sit and enjoy the moment you are living in right now. Sample the good life. Look up at the sky and realize how amazing life really is. The more you work to achieve this type of happiness, the less likely you are to ever overspend because you are already content with what you’ve got.
Let go of your thoughts and immerse yourself in an activity you love: sitting on your deck, reading a book, drinking coffee, whatever makes you happy.
Remember, the things you have now were once the things you had only wished for
Every time you start to feel the need to keep up with the rest of the world by spending your hard-earned cash, just sit down and make a list of everything you already have that you once couldn’t live without. It is probably more than most.
Take a look at your list and remember that someone else in the world is happier with a lot less. Feel grateful for the luxuries your life has afforded you and your family. Chances are the urge to splurge will fade and you will be left feeling content.
The key takeaway here is: it’s not harmful to spend money, but it is harmful to spend money when it’s to cover up or compensate for troubling emotions or experiences in your life.
This can lead to an unhealthy and overwhelming amount of stress, anxiety, and other negative emotions and behavior patterns. We all know that these feelings don’t make us feel good, and, if we don’t mentally feel good, our bodies won’t either.