McBride Council Meeting Update

Allan Frederick
McBride Council Meeting Update
On Tues. evening Apr. 11 the McBride Village Council held its Regularly Scheduled Council Meeting at 7 pm with Mayor Martin, Coun. Edwards, Coun. Green, Coun. Hruby and Coun. Thompson present. Chief Administration Officer (CAO) Williams and Financial Officer Frost were also present.

Following the approval of amended Minutes of the Mar. 28 Regular Council meeting, the amended Minutes of the Special Council meeting of Apr. 2, and the amended Minutes of the Special Council Meeting of Apr. 6, there were presentations by two delegates to Council.
Dr. Darwyn Coxson of the UNBC provided a 20-minute presentation on the importance of the Ancient Forest and its potential to become a major tourist attraction to the World with the possibility of becoming a UNESCO site in 2018.
The next presentation was made by Kathy Molendyk on behalf of the Elks and Royal Purple organization to see upgrades to the fences and bleachers at the baseball field. Others who spoke to the item suggested that the field was now a kiddie-type ballpark and there is a need for a larger facility to attract more baseball tournaments in our community.
Bylaw on the Council Procedures was greatly discussed and changes to the Bylaw 759.2015 saw many changes and recommendations, which was followed by a motion for first, second and third readings for the newly revised Bylaw.
A motion was made to receive Administrations report on the Community Economic Development Coordinator position (CEDC) formerly called the Economic Development Officer (EDO).
Administration indicated that they were awaiting Engineer’s confirmation of the shelf ready project to rehabilitate the storm sewers on 4th and 5th Avenues – the report is being prepared by Radloff.
Administration is reviewing and correcting errors as well as editing the Board of Variance Bylaw and will be sending the revisions for professional review before presenting to Council.
Council was provided with a copy of the Encroachment Agreement for approval, which was followed by a motion to approve the Encroachment Agreement between John Peterson and the Village of McBride regarding the property at 211 Main Street.
Also included in the agenda was a letter from Peterson regarding the necessary sidewalk repairs to the front of the property, which had Council refer the letter back to Administration to get more details from Peterson.
A motion for Final Adoption of the Fees and Charges Bylaw 768.2017 was approved at the meeting.
The Mayor and Councillors also provided either written or verbal reports on their activities over recent weeks. The Mayor also provided a report on the BKB Cedar Mill fire for Council.
A report from Public Works was provided regarding the recent Boil Water Notice that was issued on Apr. 6 and lifted on Apr. 8.
A motion was approved to send a Letter of Support to the Robson Valley Backcountry Horseman who are seeking grant opportunities for trail development.
Village Council also approved a Letter of Support for the application to BCAA by the Elks and Royal Purple for a grant to upgrade the existing ballpark.
The Council approved payment of the Regional District of Fraser- Fort George Invoice of $13,316.08 relating to the recent By-Election.
A request for approval of an application by the Elks and Royal Purple to hold a Beer Garden at the baseball park (log building area) during the Pioneer Days was approved. Mayor Martin recused herself from the discussion and voting due to a potentially perceived conflict of interest.
A motion to accept the resignation of CAO Williams effective May 30, 2017 was approved and a motion to commence advertising of the position was made and approved by Council.
Within the late items was a report from the Provincial Municipal Advisor Isabell Hadford regarding observations from the community that there were meetings outside of the regular/special meetings to discuss Village business.
As a result, a Resolution to have Council commit to promoting an open and transparent process where the public has an opportunity to hear Council’s views, and to discussing Council business at the Council table rather than outside of a meeting called by Council, was made by Martin and seconded by Thompson.
Following some discussion a vote was called and the result saw a three-to-two vote in favour of the Resolution, with Coun. Hruby and Coun. Thompson voting against the Resolution, as they felt there was no reason to have this in place as all members of Council have been made aware of their responsibilities as members of council.
A motion to adjourn the meeting to In Camera status was made at 10:05 pm. A motion to extend the meeting past the allotted time of 9:30 pm had been made prior.