Spring Cleaning: Mind, Body, and Spirit

Courtney Rupertus
Spring Cleaning: Mind, Body, and Spirit

As the snow melts and sunshine warms the earth around us, we can’t help but feel the urge to transform out of our winter cocoons and into a better, brighter version of ourselves.

Even more so than the New Year, spring is a time to revamp our routines, replenish and restore our health, and do a little spring-cleaning for our physical bodies, our mental health, and our spiritual awareness.

The budding of leaves, greening of the grass, and blooming of flowers is a signal to our brains that it’s time to wake up and shift gears. If we listen closely, our body tells us what we need, whether it’s to move more, get outside, or to favor vegetables and lighter fare over hearty, carb-laden meals.

Second to inquiring within as to what you need this time of year; we have some ideas for some personal spring cleaning - inside and out!

Start spring off fresh with a teeth cleaning
Many of us don’t see the dentist as often as we should, and the turning of the season is a good reminder to go and get a cleaning before the summer months come and go. It also feels great after a few too many sweets during the long winter.

Break up with sugary, processed foods
Now that the yearly Easter egg hunt is done and over with consider giving your sweet tooth a break. Many people choose to cleanse the body this time of year, which means they cut out sugar, alcohol, caffeine, and maybe even animal based products or bread; however, if you are not interested in going that far, deciding to eliminate pop, store bought sweets like candy, chocolate, and cookies can go a long way. You may notice you feel less sluggish and bloated, and start to crave the natural sweetness of fruit instead.

Walk after supper
Again, you may feel inspired to overhaul your entire exercise regime this time of year, but sometimes it’s not always sustainable over time. If you implement just one change for the better, it’s much easier to stick with it. Try adding in an extra walk after supper, instead of snacking or watching television. Walking after a meal also helps gets your digestive system working well before you need to go to bed.

Try journaling
If journaling has been on your list of things to do when you have time but never do, consider investing some real time into this. Journaling can be a great way to vent our thoughts and feelings without ‘dumping’ them onto someone else. Clear out the cobwebs of your mind by writing for five minutes without lifting your pen from the paper longer than it takes to move to the next word, and avoid censoring your inner voice. You may be surprised by the therapeutic effect this has if you do it every day.

Take time for spiritual education
This one might seem a little funny as an idea for health and wellness, but feeling connected to oneself as well as those around us is actually kind of essential for overall wellness. No matter where your beliefs may lie, take 10 to 15 minutes each day to read a passage, watch a video, listen to a podcast - whatever engages your spirit - and use those ideas to elevate your daily life.