Village of McBride Council News & Highlights

Allan Frederick

PublicHearing – Development Variance Permit application

Prior to the Regularly Scheduled Village Council Meeting of Tues. May 9 there was a Public Hearing held at 6:00 pm regarding a Development Variance Permit application received from the Regional District for the property at 521 Main St., # DVP 2017-01. Mayor Martin chaired the meeting and all members of Village Council were present, as well as the CFO.

This was to apply to have a large storage container for the Museum installed at the rear of the building for storing some surplus items, but within the limited setbacks for the property.

Only three letters were sent out to the adjoining properties and two responses were received. One response was from the local Fire Chief and a second from Molcap Investments, which asked for some additional information and expressed possible concerns on the placement of the container. Both had received no responses to their concerns from the Village. Joel Zahn spoke as the Vice Chair of the Museum, giving some additional information of the storage container and the contents anticipated to be stored within. Elsie Stanley addressed some of the issues of the building accessibility once the storage container was in place. There were no questions received from the public present at the meeting. The hearing was adjourned at 6:10 pm.


Regular Council Meeting

At 7:00 pm the Regularly Scheduled Meeting for Village Council began with Mayor Martin, Coun. Edwards, Coun. Green, Coun. Hruby and Coun. Thompson present. Also in attendance were CFO Frost and Municipal Advisor Hadford.

Following the introduction of three late items, which included revised financial numbers for the five year plan, a MCFC letter from Chair Rich asking for a meeting between the MCFC Board and Council, and minutes from the Public Meeting held earlier, the amended agenda for the evening was approved. Also approved were the amended minutes of the Apr. 25, 2017 Regular Council meeting.

Presentations for the meeting included a Radloff Engineering update by Chris Morgan to Council on the Water Intake Project and the 4th and 5th Avenue Storm/Sewer project.

Also heard was a presentation from resident Rose Sutter on possible action items for Council to consider, which included a community swimming pool and bowling alley. Items that were on her application for presentation also included a local TV station or radio station, as well as a possible pellet mill for the valley.

The next delegate was Ingrid Stengler who provided Council with an update of the progress of the developing Mountain Bike Trail Network and plans for the future.

Myles Bruns of the Ministry of Jobs, Tourism and Skills Training also spoke to Council on options for the community economic development projects and grant opportunities that Council may want to look into.

Council made and approved a motion to allow Myles Bruns to assist Village staff with a business development plan for the train station and apply for grants for the exterior upgrades needed.

Under Unfinished Business: A draft of the McBride Community Forest Corporation (MCFC) of the Oct. 22, 2016 AGM minutes was provided, as well as a revised draft of those minutes for Council. The matter regarding the appointment of Coun. Edwards was again discussed and the discussion was postponed to a Special Council Meeting to be held on Fri. May 10 at 8:30 am with members of the MCFC Board to be in attendance.

Motions were made and approved to finalize the KPMG 2016 Audited Financial Statement for the Village as well as to sign off on the 2016 Financial Statements.

A written report on the activities of Coun. Thompson was the only one received and no verbal reports given by the Mayor and /or other councillors as they had recently returned from attending the NCLGA conference. Full reports are expected to be provided for the next meeting.

A report from the Public Works Seasonal Work list was provided as well as an update on the Village Occupational Health and Safety Committee.

Public Works also provided a report on the ditching request received from the property at 521 Main Street. Coun. Edwards provided some information regarding the additional landscaping suggested and that it would not solve the drainage issue.

Under correspondence requiring action the following is a summary: The Regional District of Fraser-Fort George requested a Letter of Support for their grant application to NDIT for $17,000 to purchase new tables and chairs for the Robson Valley Community Centre.

The Elks and Royal Purple received approval to use the Village property between the Caboose and Train Station for pony rides on Sun. June 4 for Pioneer Days.

A request from the Scotiabank for closure of Third Ave., from Main St. to the alley behind the Scotiabank for their Annual BBQ Fundraiser for BC Children’s Hospital Foundation on Fri. May 19 from 7:30 am to 2:30 pm. was approved.

Letters of support were approved for the Robson Valley Mountain Bike Association regarding an application for $30,000 to further develop the McBride Mountain Bike trail system from the NDIT Community Halls and Recreation Facilities as well as the bike trail project development.

Approval of an application for $100,000 from the BC Rural Dividend upcoming intake for grants through the Village was granted.

The Council then reviewed the Five Year Financial Plan Bylaw No. 769.2017 and the Tax Rate Bylaw No. 770.2017 and gave Final Reading and adoption for these two Bylaws.

The Council then reviewed the Council Procedure Bylaw No. 771.2017 and gave a Revised Third Reading due to some minor changes in the Bylaw.

A motion to extend the meeting past the 9:30 pm time was made and approved at 9:35 pm in order to finish uncompleted business.

A motion was made to postpone the discussion regarding the Development Variance Permit, as there had been no referral to the Ministry of Transport as might be required, or to BC Hydro for their comment and/or input regarding the request, to which Mayor Martin commented, “We have done all this for nothing.”

The 2016 Annual Report was briefly discussed and a timetable regarding its completion was suggested.

At 9:52 pm the meeting went to In Camera.


Special Meeting with MCFC

A Special Council Meeting was held on Fri. May 12 at 8:30 am to follow up on two items that remained outstanding and were postponed from the May 9 Regular Meeting.

The McBride Community Forest Corporation (MCFC) Board of Directors were present, which includes: Chair Joe Rich, Kevin Taphorn, Dutch Molendyk and Secretary Loranne Martin.

Mayor Martin led the meeting attended by Coun. Edwards, Coun. Green, Coun. Hruby and Coun. Thompson, with Municipal Advisor Isabell Hadford acting as the minute taker for the meeting. There were approximately 15 members of the public in attendance including MLA Shirley Bond and Ministry contact Myles Bruns.

The main discussion involved the postponed motion of Council from two prior meetings to have Coun. Edwards appointed to the vacancy on the MCFC Board of Directors. At the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the MCFC held on Oct. 22, 2016 a Special Resolution to limit the number of Council members to the Board was approved, which set the limit to only one member from Village Council. Presently that member is Mayor Martin, who is the Secretary of the Board.

The MCFC Board spoke to the issue indicating that they were not opposed to Coun. Edwards as a Board member since his knowledge and abilities would be valuable, but that the appointment would contravene the Special Resolution of the AGM.

It was discussed that the Special Resolution may not have been done correctly and that it contravened the Articles of Incorporation of the MCFC. Mayor Martin suggested strongly that the rescinding of the Special Resolution might be viewed as a giant step backwards by the Ministry of Forests. She also indicated that there would be a great deal of negative reaction from the public to the Council.

A motion was approved to request that Coun. Edwards be appointed by the Board to some of the committees of the MCFC, such as the Operations Committee, for his valuable input.

From the discussions between the Council and the Board, it was evident that the shareholder (Village of McBride) has advised the Board that they want the vacant position on the Board filled as soon as possible, and that they want the Board to move forward with hiring a General Manager and moving the corporation into a profitable situation.

A Motion for the Final Reading and Adoption of the Council Procedures Bylaw 771.2017 was done following the minor edits made at the May 9 Council meeting.

A motion to adjourn to In Camera status was made and approved at 9:42am.    u