Local author’s life story continues to inspire

Eleanor Deckert
Photo of author taken by  Coles book store employee Steven at Bentall Centre, Vancouver.
Photo of author taken by Coles book store employee Steven at Bentall Centre, Vancouver.

Encouraged by feedback from readers, local author Eleanor Deckert recently ventured from her tiny hometown of Avola to downtown Vancouver, delivering over 120 copies of her two books to ten stores.

Book One of her memoirs, "10 Days in December" recounts the first ten days she and her husband lived in their tiny, un-insulated log cabin near Avola in 1978.

Her second book, "10 Days in January" continues the story and also recollects significant episodes of the author's life that occurred in January. The subtitle of Book Two highlights the overall theme of family dynamics: 1 Husband, 2 Brothers, 3 Sons, 4 Dads.

"It's always a bit controversial to write about one's own family," Deckert confides. "Every family has treasures and pains. Each of these shape our worldview and self-concept. It is worth the effort to explore these impressions and eventually move from a broken picture, like mismatched puzzle pieces, to a more wholesome and complete understanding of family patterns."

Deckert contacted the Chapters, Indigo and Coles bookstores in BC. So far, thirteen stores have both titles on their shelves while managers in three other locations want to read both books first. "I have already had three book signing events and there are five more scheduled for June and July," Deckert eagerly explains, "but I'm most excited by the opportunity to have an interview on CBC Radio with the host of North by Northwest, Sheryl McKay."

Valemount fans can meet the author and purchase their copy of both books at the Valemount Library in the meeting room on Monday, June 5 in the morning from 10:30-12 noon, or at the Blue Building at 1418 Bruce Place, next to The Valley Sentinel office, between 4 and 7pm.

Photos and excerpts from each chapter can be found on the author's web page www.eleanordeckert.com.