Jasper Park News

Free spring interpretive programs at Jasper National Park through June 18th

Wildlife guardians

Wildlife viewing is one of the most popular activities in Jasper National Park–and there are plenty of animals along the roadsides–from sheep, elk and deer to black and grizzly bear. The Wildlife Guardians patrol Jasper’s roadways and try to ensure safe wildlife viewing and prevent “wildlife jams” that commonly form when too many vehicles stop next to roadside animals.

Through interpretation and traffic management they allow visitors to photograph and connect with some of Jasper’s most intriguing animals, without having to risk a dangerous close encounter.

Our Wildlife Guardian team will be patrolling the roads every weekend. Look for the not-to-be-missed van! In addition on sunny days, roving park interpreters will set up a mobile displays of natural history items (skins, skulls, horns and antlers) at popular visitor destinations.



Every Saturday and Sunday 10 am – noon
Maligne Canyon
The Bears of Jasper

Why do bears hang out next to the road? It's all about food! Join a park interpreter to check out bear hides, skulls and claws and have your bear questions answered.

Saturday and Sunday 1:30 pm – 3:30 pm
Medicine Lake (north viewpoint)
Birds of Prey

The wildfire may have burned the forest, but barely touched the bald eagles nest and we've got a powerful telescope to give you an eagle's eye view.

Saturday and Sunday 10 am – noon
Athabasca Falls
Tooth and Claw

Predators are an important part of the ecosystem in Jasper National Park. Find out why and get the latest on research at our carnivore display.

Saturday and Sunday 1 pm – 3 pm
Athabasca Falls
Elk and Co.

Don't mess with momma! Elk and the rest of the cloven hooved crew are very protective of their newborns. Stop by our display to learn more on how to stay safe during the calving season.