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Statement by MLA Elect Shirley Bond Prince George-Valemount:

Statement by MLA Elect Shirley Bond Prince George-Valemount:

MAY 17 - I am very honoured to have been re-elected for a 5th term to serve as the MLA for Prince George Valemount. I am grateful for the continued support and will work hard for the Robson Valley Region and the entire riding.

The need for an experienced strong voice is even more important as we face potential uncertainty in Victoria. Whether a minority government, British Columbians expect us to work together in a different way. In either situation, I will need to work incredibly hard to ensure that the concerns of my constituents are heard.

As I laid out during the election campaign I believe in growing our economy in a responsible and sustainable way, it is not the economy or the environment, it is both. We need to remain focused on job creation and diversifying the economy. That is why I will continue to work on important initiatives in tourism like the Valemount Glacier Development, the potential for geothermal, a bike park network and other projects that have the potential to grow and strengthen the economy for our region.

There is no doubt that the work will be challenging considering the electoral map, but my job is to be a strong voice for our constituency and region.


Premier Christy Clark has issued the following statement: