Letter to the Editor - June 29 issue

Dear Editor,

 British Columbia is in a quandary. None of the elected representatives can form a clear majority government and, like spoiled children, they refuse to play nicely together. They are not interested in anything except their own positions of power.

It would not be a big burden to have another election. For us on the lowest levels of privilege it is a matter of setting aside fifteen minutes to put a cross on a ballot. We don’t need to see the political ads or hear the lies or watch the leaders squabble like cats. In the time they have been “in office“, and I use that phrase in its loosest term, they have all revealed their true faces to the public.

It sickens me to think they can retire with fifty times the Old Age Pension if they can cling to power for just two terms.

As for the cost of an election, we are currently paying non-producers to sit in Victoria and play games.

The NDP leader has done nothing except chant a continuous refrain about “Take me, here I am, I’d make a great Premier”. The Jester lusting after the queen’s crown. Then NDP Vancouver could run the whole Province for their own profit.

And the Green Party has turned into a monster. They want to impose their choice of a new electoral system without a referendum. That is called a dictatorship. How many more of their “good ideas” do they want to shove down our throats?

Instead of sitting back and using their delicate balance of power for the good of the Province, the Greens chose to throw in with a bigger party.

Why is it all the “new” parties yearn to become part of the “old” parties? The Reform Party, the Wild Rose Party and now the Green Party. Why not just join those parties in the first place?

On the other hand, like the lady said when her husband threatened to sell her to another man, “I don’t know what I’ll get but I know what I’ve had.” Our choice is, as always, the least worst.

Some of the elected representatives could get a real shock if they go back to the polls.

How many of us would now change our vote, given the chance? I know I definitely would.

D. Simpson, McBride, B.C.