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Story and photos by Marie Birkbeck

A new clothing and gift shop for Valemount -Slippery Slopes Boutique - 1255 FifthAvenue
Ruth Hanus was born and raised in Valemount, moved to the coast as a teenager, and later to Edmonton to care for her sick and aging parents, but always knew that she would return to her roots. Joining two sisters who are still living in Valemount, she knew her time had come. 

Hanus recently opened Slippery Slopes Boutique clothing and gift shop in a space at the Gallery Building on Fifth Avenue, with her sister Star as store manager.

Ruth stresses that they are here to cater to the locals and encourage them to shop in Valemount. Admittedly her prices might be slightly higher than Walmart, but they will have an affordable price point. 

The shop carries a random selection of inventory from children’s clothing, little girls’ party dresses, swim wear for men, women and children, underwear and socks, children’s shoes, handbags, hats, toques and backpacks, and so much more. In the front display case is a variety of small gift items. Eighty percent (80%) of the merchandise in the store is brand new - the rest is consignment from a shop that closed down in Edmonton. 

Hanus emphasizes that her product line will be customer driven; if there is something specific you want, she will make every effort to bring it in. To date customers have suggested diabetic socks, gift bags, and greeting cards as possible additions to the product line.

Being all about community, Slippery Slopes also believes in sourcing local if at all possible and is interested in carrying locally made products, the first of which is hand-made wooden ornaments by Steven Kelly.  

Although Hanus believes in keeping it small - you need to crawl before you run - she is excited about the potential that lies within and is already envisioning what an expansion might look like. 

Ruth and her husband Graham have also purchased some property in the Village with plans to build a Bed & Breakfast in the future. 

Access to Slippery Slopes clothing boutique is via the side entry of the Gallery building. Hours of operation are 10 a.m. - 6 p.m. Tuesday to Saturday. Hours may be extended during the tourist season as customer demand dictates.

You can reach Slippery Slopes Boutique by calling 780-454-4442 or 

Welcome to our Business Community Ruth and Star, and wishing you success in your new venture.

A new clothing and gift shop for Valemount -Slippery Slopes Boutique - 1255 FifthAvenue
A new clothing and gift shop for Valemount -Slippery Slopes Boutique - 1255 FifthAvenue