Village of Valemount Council News & Highlights

Presentation to Bill Kruisselbrink by Mayor Townsend

Village of Valemount Council News & Highlights

Dianne St. Jean photo 

At Council’s June 11 meeting Mr.Kruisselbrink was presented with a parting gift by Mayor Townsend for his years of service on the Columbia Basin Trust Board and his role on the Community Initiatives Adjudication Committee.

Kruisselbrink is the very first non-elected official to have served on a CBT Board.

“I want to thank you for all the years that you’ve served on the Board and I know that the CBT Board would like to express their gratitude for your contributions for that as well as the Committee that you’ve served upon; and on behalf of Council, we appreciate the fact that you were one of the first members to serve on the Community Initiatives Adjudication Committee.”

In response Kruisselbrink stated that it had been a pleasure working with the different committee members throughout the years, and that it was especially rewarding to see all the benefits that had come through them.


The Regular Meeting of Council was held on July 11, 2017 at 7:00pm.


A presentation was made by Mayor Jeannette Townsend to Bill Kruisselbrink for his years of service on the CBT Board and Community Initiatives Adjudication Committee. The Regular meeting agenda resumed afterward.


After adoption of agenda and minutes, a delegation on behalf of Valemount Craft Beer Experience, presented by Michaeal Lewis, was received.

Lewis gave an overview of the extreme success and positive reviews of the first Valemount Craft Beer Experience, including a total of $25,000 being raised and donated to the Communities for Veterans Foundation in Quesnel ($12,500), the Valemount Royal Canadian Legion Branch 266 ($6,250) and Valemount Arts and Cultural Society ($6,250). Because of the success, the Experience is planned again for next year, this time anticipating even greater numbers in attendance. Lewis thanked the sponsors, which numbered over 30, and the Village for supporting the vision and allowing them the use of the airport.

Correspondence for Action

There was some discussion in regards to the Request for UBCM Resolution Support of a resolution by the City of New Westminster regarding homelessness, restorative justice training, and “renovictions”. After some discussion, all three recommendations were opposed and defeated for the reason that it was restricted to mention of Metro Vancouver (urban centres). It was agreed unanimously by Council that issues of concern could be better discussed at UCBM, with consideration of smaller municipalities among other concerns.

RDFFG Request for Support for Grant Applications

Council supported an application by the Regional District (Fraser-Fort George) to Northern Development Initiative Trust’s Capital Investment Analysis for a grant of up to $10,000 from the Prince George Regional Development Account for engineering services for a geo-thermal cooling system for the Robson Valley Recreation Centre and Canoe Valley Recreation Centre.

Council also passed a motion to support the Regional District’s application to the Ministry of Community, Sport and Cultural Development Infrastructure Planning Grant Program for a grant up to $10,000 for engineering services for a geo-thermal cooling system for the Robson Valley Recreation Centre and Canoe Valley Recreation Centre.

United Way Northern BC Request

A letter to Council requesting a proclamation for September 2017 to be “United Way Month” was received; however, Council moved to send a Letter of Support in lieu of participation of the declaration since the Village of Valemount does not declare proclamations.

Reading File

A motion to receive the Reading File was passed. This included correspondence re Canoe Reach Management Plan, Northern Health Newsletter, UBCM Resource Breakfast, Trans-Mountain Re: Land Owner Update, NDIT Quarterly Report, and CBT Symposium 2017.

Administrative Reports

An Emergency Management update report by CAO Adam Davey was received, which included a Regional Emergency Management Working Group (REM WG) which will begin with a two-day planning session at the Regional District on August 14 – 15. Following this session, staff will produce an updated TOR for the Village of Valemount EM Committee and set a date/Agenda to “stand” the EM Committee back-up, in the fall months. Concurrent to this, staff have begun individual training courses, through the JIBC. Suzanne Bloodoff has recently completed the JIBC EM Planning course, and other staff have begun the JIBC online Introductory course to the Incident Command System. 

The June 2017 Accounts Payable Report was received and passed.

A report re the proposal for Pick Up Sites for Mountain Bike Park users was received and passed. The basis for this is that the Mountain Bike Park on 5 Mile has become very popular, which is creating some safety and accessibility concerns. Village staff is looking at various ways to improve safety and accessibility to Hillside Drive. The recommendation was that the Community Hall at Gorse Street be approved as a Pick Up Site for Peak Shuttles.  

Bylaws and Policies

A motion to adopt the Official Community Plan Amendment Bylaw No. 765, 2017 was passed.

A motion to adopt the Village of Valemount Local Area Service Establishment Bylaw No. 762, 2017 was passed.

Public Comment

After Council Reports from Mayor and Councillor and passing the List of Outstanding Council Resolutions, it was time for Public Comment.

Christine Torgerson had a question/comment re as to whether there is provision in the Village’s Preparedness program to accommodate those who are fleeing from the wildfires and possibly passing through Valemount to the established Emergency Shelters in Prince George. In response, both Mayor Townsend and CAO Davey commented on the importance of evacuees to go to designated emergency shelters such as Prince George, not only so that they will be accounted for, but it also helps the province to allocate sufficient resources. If the populations are too scattered and not properly accounted for, this complicates the procedure.

The meeting then moved to In Camera.