Reflections - My Favourite Place

Eleanor Deckert

My favourite place in all the world is a wooden bridge which spans a babbling brook passing through the tiny tourist town of Green Mountain Falls, Colorado. My family has owned property here for four generations. I love to return. I stand on the bridge and sense the milestones in my own life since my last visit. Safety surrounds me.

I can let all my guards down and open my heart to allow even the faintest message, flicker of a memory, whisper of inspiration to enter my awareness.

It's like time travel. The splashing of this shallow trickling creek does not change. The sparkle of the mica and ripples in the sunshine do not change. The welcome breeze, shady trees and soft green banks offering shelter from the blazing sun do not change. The quiet welcome as families seek a place to pause and rest does not change.

My feet, a secure foundation, my imagination takes a trip to the past. Like the creek, I am reaching back to the summer holiday when my own children splashed in the creek, back to my own childhood pretending, back to my Daddy as a small boy exploring, even farther back to the First Nations families pausing to rest along their journey from the prairie lowlands up through Ute Pass towards the highlands.

I stand alone yet part of the many who have come here, and who will come here.

Relaxed against the railing, facing the flow, the water passing below my feet under the bridge is travelling towards me. My imagination takes another trip. Upstream, just around the bend, there is a fork in the creek. Fountain Creek has come from the wider part of the valley, through our property near the old railroad tracks. Beyond that is another town with busy shops, more ranchland with grazing cattle, aspen groves where elk rest, and eventually, bending and narrowing, the source - snowmelt from Pikes Peak.

The other fork, rushing and churning, cascades down a rocky face, straight off the mountainside. Further up are wide alpine meadows. Tiny rivulets meet where melting snow drips high up on Pikes Peak.

If the creek could tell me about all of this varying landscape, all of this swirling effort, all of the ways water has helped along the way, I would have a wealth of knowledge and experience. Like a wise adviser, Fountain Creek is my Teacher today.

Listening for lessons, seeking symbols, mindful of messages, I allow my mind to open.

The Source. Every dancing drop is coming from the Source.

“What resources come to me? What is their Source?”

Realizations of the many gifts I am showered with, pouring from an abundant cornucopia, rapidly flash inside me: my healthy body, providing husband, all of my children have  “10 fingers and 10 toes.” And, before that, moving back upstream, I have generations before me who have provided genes and values, emphasis on religious and educational opportunities. Before that, my family tree traces back to immigrants who crossed the ocean, braved the challenges and found places on this continent. Before that, long ago and far away, my ancestors took seriously, “These words which I have commanded you this day shall be in your heart. You shall teach them diligently to your children, and shall talk of them when you sit in your house, and when you walk by the way and when you lie down and when you rise.” (Deuteronomy 6: 6-7)

All of Creation (including me) has as its Source the Creator. Central and foundational, this core is what everything else comes from.

Enriched – Nourished – Grateful, I turn on the bridge to stand facing the opposite direction. The Source is behind me, strengthening, encouraging, renewing. Now the water passing below my feet under the bridge is travelling away from me, down the narrow canyon, through the city, joining other creeks to become a mighty river. Eventually the Mississippi spills into the ocean.

Having received so many generous gifts from the Source, what now may I do to share them? Does my tiny contribution make any difference?

Wife, mother, volunteer, other roles and relationships, how many ways can I intertwine with others to make the world a better place, to share my talents, skills and efforts, to pass on into the future what is of value, true, kind, meaningful? Yes, the Source is inexhaustible. If I am part of the flow of creativity and allow myself to be part of the stream my tiny contribution becomes part of the mighty forces for good in this world. In whatever one small way, yes I can.

Inspired – Rededicated – Courageous, with a deep sigh, storing up this moment, treasuring the creek's tutorial I step away, returning to my daily responsibilities, routine tasks, dreams and goals ahead.

My favourite place on this physical earth has become my favourite place on my spiritual Journey.


“What you are is God's gift to you. What you make of yourself is your gift to God.” - Source Unknown