Jasper National Park News - Aug 10

Events at the park

Athabasca Glacier Scenic
Athabasca Glacier Scenic
Rogier Gruys, Parks Canada photo
Park interpreters love sharing their passion for park stories and want to help you and your family make memories and inspire your connections with nature and history. Through our variety of programming we entertain, educate and help you discover all that Jasper National Park has to offer.  

If you like to hike and learn at the same time, Jasper has a few options to consider this month.

Glaciers are on the move! Join a park interpreter at the toe of the Athabasca Glacier for a scenic and informative walk amongst this ancient, yet ever changing natural and historical landscape. Along the way you’ll discover how glaciers form, why they’re so important to the ecology of the region, and how they’ve helped define the Canadian Rockies.

Location: Athabasca Glacier parking lot
Date and time: Saturday and Wednesday at 2 pm – 2:45 pm
Level of difficulty: Moderate

How to hike in bear country

Program offered in French: Monday at 10 am - 12 pm

Program offered in English: Tuesday and Friday at 2:30 pm - 4:30 pm

Walking in bear country doesn't have to be scary! Join a park interpreter for a 3.5-kilometre guided walk to learn more about bear safety. Participants will learn how to look for signs of bear presence to avoid negative encounters, read bear behaviour and what to do should they find themselves sharing the trails with these local, yet wild, Jasper residents.

Registration: Enrollment is limited to 18 participants. To ensure a space, visitors can obtain tickets at the Heritage Fire Hall, 414 Patricia Street, Jasper.

Level of difficulty: Moderate

Medicinal Plant Walk

To live in the park in the 1900s you had to know the land. Learn the history of one of the original Jasper homesteading families and the plants they and local indigenous groups used to survive.

Location: The hike will start and finish at the 6th Bridge Parking lot

Date and time: Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday at 2 pm

Level of difficulty: Easy