AUGUST 11-13, 2017

Robson Valley Music Festival Schedule


6:00:~ Sean Robinson (Limelight Search Winner)
6:30:* 5 Sheets to the wind
7:15~ Saltwater Hank & Amy Blanding
8:00* Circadian Rhythm
8: 45~ Mob Bounce
9:30* The Honey Tongues
10:15~ Sundown Spell
11:00* Gabriel Palatchi Trio
12:00~ Miss White Spider
12:40* Entangados


ADULT AFTERHOURS  NAUGHTY SHOW @ 1:30am (Foxxy Follies & The Dirrty Show)



11:00Local Kids
11:30* Nick Beddington/Nathan Smith
12:30Kym Gouchie
1:00* Jennis
1:45PK Tessman  
2:30* Rakatakk
3:15Corwin Fox
4:00* Sweet Alibi
4:45Athabasca Barnburner
5:15* Fin de Fiesta Flamenco



7:00Betty Supple
7:30* Pharis and Jason Romero
8:15Daemon & Airdrie
8:45* Alysha Brilla
9:30Tom Richardson
10:00* Moulettes  
10:45~ Stephen Lewis
11:30* Samson’s Delilah
12:15Party On High Street
1:00Halo Tribal
1:10* Boogie Patrol


11:00 Yoga Loves Music with Tom Richardson & Kimberly
2:00 * Blue Syntax
12:45~ Dharma Bros  
1:15* Warless
2:00~ Heath West
2:30* Interstellar Harmony with Moulettes,  Pharis & Jason Romero,  Honey Tongues
3:30~ Tim Bennett
4:00* Andrew Judah
5:00Rachelle Van Zanten
5:30* Allstars Jam  ~~



In Workshop Tent unless otherwise noted….


10:00 -11:00Yoga with Donalda Beeson & Kat Vena (Front of Stage)
11:00 - 12:30Spoken Word Workshop
12:45 - 2:00BELLY DANCE/PERCUSSION with Matthew & Marcia
2:15 - 3:30Social Activism & Song with Rachelle Van Zanten,  Alysha Brilla,  MOB BOUNCE    
3:45 - 5:00LOOPED GURUS REVISITED with Stephen Lewis, Tom Richardson & Tim Bennett


11:00 - 12:00Yoga Loves Music with Tom Richardson and Kimberly  ( Main Stage Area)
11:00 - 12:15Introduction to Tabla with Rakkatak
2:15 - 3:30Spoken Word Performances


12:45 - 1:30Rachelle Van Zanten
1:45 - 2:30Some Bunny Loves You
2:40 - 3:30Hula Hoop Circus
3:30 - 4:15Vocal Improv with Honey  Tongues


10:00 - 12:30OPEN RANGE ARTS & CRAFTING    
12:45 - 1:30Yoga For Little Bees
1:45 - 2:30Magical Jesaja        
2:45 - 3:30Hula Hoop Circus


(Weather Permitting) 


1:00 -2:00Songs of Lust and Love with The Honey Tongue Ladies and Sweet Alibi
2:15 -3:00Athabasca Barnburner
3:15 -4:00Kym Gouchie


1:00 -2:00Banjos in the Round with  Corwin Fox, Jeremy Pahl & Jason Romero
2:15 – 3:00Non Dirrty Show with Kayla & Melody



Robson Valley Music Festival Schedule

ALYSHA BRILLA  (Ontario)            

Twice Juno Award nominated singer-songwriter, producer and community organizer Alysha Brilla is a critically acclaimed Indian-Tanzanian Canadian artist who just released her third self produced album, “HUMAN”. Brilla's new music draws on the influences of her unique background. An ancestral journey to her father’s homeland in 2015 delivered inspiration for Brilla to write and produce the 10 new songs on “Human”; a lyrically timely record blending Indian & East African sounds with a contemporary aesthetic. The first single from this newest release, “No More Violence”, recently charted in the top 3 of the CBC Top 20 Countdown. 

Robson Valley Music Festival Schedule


PG’s own Circadian Rhythm is bound together by their passion for music and their love for fusing organic and electric sounds. Both Melody and Rae, with their distinctly different voices, seem to melt together into haunting and beautiful harmonies while Tony's pulsing, eclectic rhythms take them to a whole new unique level of sound. 

Robson Valley Music Festival Schedule


 The name Fin de Fiesta translates to “End Of The Party” in reference to the open jam sessions that occurs a the end of a traditional flamenco show in Spain. It is during the fin de fiesta that the true improvisational and spirited nature of the flamenco itself, and that is a lively spirit—passionate and unrestrained- that inspires their work.. The group is a professional touring ensemble of award winning international flamenco artists based in Seville, Spain. 

Robson Valley Music Festival Schedule


Gabriel’s music its an original blend of different genres such as Latin Jazz, Tango, Funk, Klezmer, Gypsy, Reggae, Samba and Electronic, a representation of the many cultures which have influenced his music.     Gabriel Palatchi’s latest release “Trivolution” was selected as the Gold Medal Winner on the Composer/Album categories and on the TOP TEN 2015 of the “Global Music Awards”.  It was featured in the “Emerging Artists” section of the April 30th 2016 issue of BILLBOARD MAGAZINE. “One of the new young lions of jazz” EJAZZ news

Robson Valley Music Festival Schedule


 Jennis delivers more sound, variety and fun than one would think could fit into a single touring vehicle. The duo brings together award-winning Guelph based Dennis Gaumond’s decades of experience writing and performing original blues and folk with the diverse musical experiences of veteran Toronto indie scene multi instrumentalist Jen Gillmor.  Currently they are working on their second album. 

Robson Valley Music Festival Schedule


 Singing vibrant duets, writing deadly songs, playing handmade banjos and loving old acoustic guitars, Pharis & Jason Romero have a classic story. When a matchmaker, some scratchy old records, and a custom banjo led to their meeting in 2007, they quickly knew they were in for the long haul. They've since released five records - three as a duo - and toured across North America and the UK.  They are multiple award winners, including the recent 2016 Juno for Best Traditional Roots Album.  They've been featured on NPR Music, CBC, BBC, Folk Alley, and many more, and have performed on A Prairie Home Companion and CBC's The Vinyl Cafe. They are passionate teachers and believers in many things folk, and their heartbreakingly harmonic live show is an ever-evolving and never-ending quest for good songs and beautiful sounds.

Robson Valley Music Festival Schedule

PK Tessmann is a fixture in the Vancouver Island indie-folk community. Her well-crafted, original songs are something of substance - a synergy of flowing lyrics, whispered harmonies, twinkling ukelele and acoustic guitar, and her bold, multi-faceted voice. She recently snagged a Vancouver Island Music Award for Best Roots/Folk Song! 

Robson Valley Music Festival Schedule

Saltwater Hank’s songs will take you on a journey through the mountains of the Bulkley Valley to the Skeena River watershed, from the salty west coast shoreline all the way eastbound to the Kootenays. His stories are inspired by the people, the land , and the water of the region he calls home.  Amy Blanding sings music with an unbridled, often unnerving, authenticity and passion. Her songs are stories, and her energy with catch you up and help you fly.  

Hank and Amy are a new duo on the scene in PG, but are old hat when it comes to sharing the stage. Making up 2/5ths of the band Black Spruce Bog, these two friends are thrilled to be playing and “homogenizing” together again

Robson Valley Music Festival Schedule

Stephen Lewis and the  Big Band Of Fun is a high energy, funky, loop based 2 man party! He is an international touring performer from Halifax, Nova Scotia, who has performed with The Floozies, That 1 Guy, Dub FX and Zach Deputy. He is a seasoned festival performer and played dozens of festivals in Canada and the USA.  If you love to dance, you will fall in love with Stephen Lewis and the Big Band of Fun.

Robson Valley Music Festival Schedule

Tom Richardson is your newest and oldest friend! With an infectious demeanor, Tom’s songwriting, story telling and intricate guitar playing are a delicate balance of grace, truth and passion. Tom has performed in 15 different countries across the globe, reflected in his musical arrangements that may be best categorized into experiences and emotions than genre. Renowned for his clever skills on the loop pedal. Tom is seen dancing over his pedals, creating soundscapes of four part harmonies, multiple guitar sections and complicated percussions grooves, all live on stage.

Robson Valley Music Festival Schedule

Singer/Songwriter Kym Gouchie is from the Lheidli T'enneh Nation in Prince George, BC. Canada. A self taught guitar player and a traditional hand drummer, she utilizes her eclectic background to inspire her as she combines elements of traditional, folk and country to create a unique voice.   She is a talented painter, teacher, and multi-media artist whose creativity is in constant bloom. When not on tour, Kym splits her time between northern B.C. and the Okanagan.

Robson Valley Music Festival Schedule

She’s an entertainer, flow arts instructor, and now the author of a picture book “Mandi the Clown and the Hula Hoop Circus”. Also known as Amanda Panda, Panda, or the ever popular, Mandi the Clown (just to name a few!) creating multiple fun, colourful characters and using those characters to build relationships with children at events is what the Hula Hoop Circus is all about. Providing family –friendly entertainment and engaging instruction they will inspire fun, play and passion.

Robson Valley Music Festival Schedule

Raised on the banks of the creek, as a fifth generation farmer, and living in the South Peace Country, Karl Mattson is a self-taught, multi-media artist.

Karl’s life has been fueled by his compulsion to create and speak through art, which has always played a central role in his life.  Karl has been recognized for his talent with various awards as early as 19 years old.  Karl’s current explorations include metal sculpture and mixed media photograph. His work often relies on scavenging scraps and materials that surround his farm and community, an area currently being enveloped by oil and gas industry.
In using the creative process, Karl has been able to use his artistic talent to protest against the environmental issues that plague his farm, his community, and his personal psyche.

Robson Valley Music Festival Schedule

Since 2004 Argentina’s Entangados have been driven by the combination of Music and (Clown) Theatre. Influenced by the fusion of diverse rhythms and genres; rock, quarteto, Balkan, reggae, cumbia, ska, Folklore, tango to become a musical party of dance, humor, joy and energy.  Entangados is a fast-paced multi-instrumental band that melds styles from its cultural ties while injecting irreverent social commentary into its music. They also have cornered a unique aesthetic approach, by performing dressed as clowns.

Robson Valley Music Festival Schedule

Like a song played on your grandfathers guitar. Crafted in the Rocky Mountain of Alberta. Singing songs of the bible, the bottle and everything in between.

Robson Valley Music Festival Schedule

Boogie Patrol has steadily built their reputation as one of Western Canada's premier act's and has garnered acclaim and an enthusiastic following since the groups inception in 2007. A 5 piece group that continue to create superb original music based on their collective influences. We're talking Blues and Rock'n Soul, with a dose of funk all thrown into the melting pot to create what is Boogie Patrol, a stylistically unique group that is all about bringing loads of energy to the stage and to their music, with a goal of appealing to all walks of life. 

Robson Valley Music Festival Schedule

Sean Robinson /Limelight Quest Winner 2016
He may be young, but he's "got it!"

Robson Valley Music Festival Schedule

A favorite local band in the Robson Valley featuring Ellise Bressette, Gabe Bressette, Kenton Bressette, Shane Bressette, Sarah McCrea and Shem Gustafson-Randall. 

 (That is A LOT of Bressettes!)

Robson Valley Music Festival Schedule

Valemountian Singer songwriter extraordinaire!    Besides playing and performing music, his hobbies include mountain biking, hot tubs,  operating giant machines , hanging with a tiny dog, and supporting the local brewery.

Robson Valley Music Festival Schedule

Nathan lives and grows in Valemount, B.C.    This talented singer songwriter can also be seen enjoying tinkering with helicopters.  He is also really , really tall..

Robson Valley Music Festival Schedule

Born and raised in the Robson Valley Jazz scene, well, they ARE the jazz scene in the Robson Valley….  Featuring many legends of the valley’s musicians…. 


Robson Valley Music Festival Schedule

From Red Deer, Alberta, Heath is not only an accomplished songwriter and dad, but he is a brilliant sound engineer and audio tech for his company, Melodious Designs. He is also a very, very, very, nice person.


and many many more!