It's All That Matters

It's All That Matters

Last Friday a little girl visiting Valemount lost her teddy bear at the A&W. Says the girl’s grandmother, she had the bear since she was born and was inconsolable over its loss.

An appeal was posted on social media and Gord Peters from VCTV was contacted to help put the word out. 

It turns out that on his way to inquire at the Petro Canada gas station whether a teddy bear was found, Peters spotted the grey stuffy on the rocks outside, somewhat blended in by their colour. 

“Almy” the bear was returned to the arms of the little girl, whose name we don’t know, but her grandmother, Debbie Barclay McNeil wrote on Facebook: "My four year old granddaughter lost her teddy bear on Friday at the Valemount A&W and was devastated, but thanks to Gord who went above and beyond to help find her teddy, and kept it safe for her until she was reunited with it on Sunday. Thank you so much, Gord you are amazing!"

Wendy Dyson from Adventure Management Ltd. that runs the Valemount Visitor Centre, offered to give the little girl a stuffed bear from their retail shop. The best thing, however, was that the original bear was found.

“Sure made my day to see that cute smile,” says Peters. The photo was taken by the girl’s mother on Sunday morning when the bear was returned.