Health & Wellness - Smart snacking for September

Courtney Rupertus
Health & Wellness - Smart snacking for September
Whether you’re headed back to school, you have children that are going back, or you simply want to improve your health going into September, snacking smarter is an easy way to improve your daily diet without a lot of work involved.

Many of us love to snack, and this can either be of benefit to us, or our downfall. Snacking in between meals is healthy and good for you as long as you’re not consuming too many mindless calories.
The anatomy of a good snack is something around 100 calories with a healthy mix of fats, carbs, and protein.
Smart snacking helps with appetite control, increasing your daily nutrient intake, boosts your energy, and improves your concentration.
Typically your blood sugar levels take a nosedive three to five hours after eating, where your body goes into famine mode and your metabolism slows. This is also where we can get into trouble with overeating once you’ve hit ‘starving’ levels of hunger.
Eating small, healthy snacks as well as smaller meals will keep you feeling full all day, keep your metabolism revved up, and your blood sugar from crashing.
Foods like cut up veggies and hummus, fresh fruit and yogurt, unsalted nuts and legumes with dried fruit, even homemade popcorn - virtually anything without a pile of refined sugar or added salt, and packed with protein, healthy fats, fiber, and whole grains are always a good way to go. These types of snacks go a long way to taming your sweet tooth or your salty food craving that usually kick in once you get ravenously hungry.
All it takes is a grocery list and a little bit of prep work to make sure that healthy snacks are convenient and always on hand - for you and your whole family.
Figure out what you need to have for at least three healthy snacks a day each for a week, buy only the snacks on your list, and then prep them right away. This way, no one can open the fridge or pantry and say, “There’s nothing to eat in there.”
Another good way to make sure you’re only eating nutritious snacks is to simply stop stocking the pantry with the ‘other stuff’. If you cannot resist the chips, pop, or sugary treats, just keep them out of the house. Not to say you can never eat those things, it’s just best to buy them as a one-off rather than as a pantry-staple.