Editorial - What in the world..?

Dianne St. Jean
Looking at the news across the world over the last few months makes one wonder literally what on earth is going on.
Record fires in one spot, drought and killer high temperatures in others, not to mention rain, rain, and more rain in yet other areas.
Then came the hurricanes, more powerful than ever before, and they’re not done yet.

Some headlines referred to this season as “fire and water” and was even dubbed by one as “the days of Lot and Noah”, referring to the fires of Sodom and the flood of Noah in the Bible.
Then came the earthquakes.
Seemingly, there appears to be no end to the tumult in nature. Personally, I don’t think this is just a “one-off” season or year. As much as the world does not want to see any more shaking and rattling, especially on the scale they’ve been occurring, I can’t help but think back to my studies in Geology in university. Yes, I’m going to say it – the ‘big one’ is overdue and yet to come.
I suppose as occupiers of the face of this earth we have a few options on how to respond to these events.
One is denial or overly hopeful optimism. Now, don’t get me wrong, optimism is good, except when it begins to creep over the line of acceptance of facts to the point of pretending what is staring you in the face really isn’t there.
Another reaction is to be inundated by fear, another debilitating response.
Then there are those that have been predicting ‘the end’ for years, and almost seem to relish in what appears to be the fulfillment of their prophecies. Well, I don’t know about you, but I’m not ready yet to give up on this planet or its people and hide away in a mountain while everybody else has to deal with the clean up.
As bad as they are, we can face these events as they occur and do the best to help ourselves, and others, as we become affected by them. We need a balance between optimism and practicality.
Face it, all these destructive occurrences cost money and disrupt the economy through population displacement, cost of medical treatment from injuries and disease created by these incidents, and job loss, so eventually they are going to negatively affect the global economy.
We’re seeing the signs, so now it’s up to us to prepare.
So shake off the temptation to give in to fear, stop wasting precious hours reading articles of doom or scouring the internet to try to guess how long humanity has, and begin doing the practical and implementing preparedness measures with an optimistic attitude.
Use your time and money wisely to prepare yourself, but also to give to those who have been victimized by these events.
We’re stuck here guys. There’s no room for us all on the International Space Station, so let’s do the best we can while here on the ground.