Toastmasters in McBride

Allan Frederick

On Saturday, Oct. 28 at the McBride District Volunteer Fire Department, a group of ten members from Toastmasters International clubs of Prince George visited McBride and provided those in attendance with a two-hour demonstration meeting for local area residents on the process, importance and fun of the meetings.

Approximately 12 local residents attended the presentation, which had a question and answer period following the meeting.

Communication is the key factor to their program and members are encouraged to participate and progress at their own rate. The meeting also stressed the importance of timing used during the meetings to keep the group on track. Speeches were evaluated with feedback afterward.

The purpose of the event was to seek the possibility of forming a local Toastmasters group should numbers support a local Chapter.

Anyone who may have missed the meeting can contact Tanya Rich, the organizer of the presentation. Contact information for Tanya Rich is email at