Village of McBride Council Notes and Highlights - Nov 2 2017 issue

Allan Frederick
Village of McBride Council Notes and Highlights - Nov 2 2017 issue

Mayor Loranne Martin called the Oct. 24 regularly scheduled Village council meeting to order at 7:05 p.m. with Coun. Harold Edwards, Coun. Lucille Green and Coun. Rosemary Hruby present and Coun. Rick Thompson attending by telephone conference call. Also in attendance were CAO Cheryl Martens, CFO Claudia Frost, minute-taker Sherri Flynn, ECDC Karen Dube and PW Foreman Matt Slaney. There were also five members of the public and two members of the press present at the meeting.

The amended minutes of the regularly scheduled Council meeting of Oct. 10, 2017 were approved.

Dr. Paul Winwood provided the Council and public with information and updates on the Northern Medical Program and the Northern Medical Program Trust. The presentation provided some background and statistics on medical staff in the northern part of BC and the success of being able to train and retain medical staff in the north.

There were no questions from the public and press presented at the meeting.

Several items under the Unfinished Business portion of the agenda were brought forward to ensure that items of concern and projects were kept in the minds of the staff and Council to avoid having any of these items fall through the cracks and be missed. These included: Code of Conduct updating, a process to address and amend current Bylaws to be more up to date, strategic planning sessions, the CASE housing concept and communication with local RCMP to meet with Village Council.

Written reports were provided by Mayor Martin, Coun. Edwards, Coun. Green and Coun. Thompson as well as reports from Administration, Finance, Public Works and the CEDC (Community Economic Development Coordinator).

A request from the Robson Valley Arts and Culture Council (RVACC) for a Resolution by Village Council for a letter of support for a funding application to Northern Development Initiative Trust for the RVACC Fraser Heritage Festival 2017 was approved.

Regarding the Bylaws/Permits/Policies portion of the meeting a review and revised Bylaw No. 755,2017 received First and Second Readings with some amendments noted.

Under New Business: a motion to have Council support a grant application in the amount of $25,000 to the 2018 Community Emergency Preparedness Fund was approved. Also approved was a grant application for $50,000 to the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) for the creation of an Asset Management Plan.

The meeting was adjourned to In Camera status at 8:30 pm.