Health & Wellness - Kundalini Yoga: Truly yoga for every ‘body’

Courtney Rupertus
Guru Jagat telling me to start teaching Kundalini Yoga in Valemount. Any takers?
Guru Jagat telling me to start teaching Kundalini Yoga in Valemount. Any takers?

Just a few weeks ago, I was able to attend four different Kundalini Yoga workshops with Guru Jagat, a woman, influencer, and yogi who is bringing a sacred spiritual practice front and center, and for good reason.

We are living in what she refers to as the Technology Age, and feeling the immense pressure of that barreling down on us. It’s why we feel drained, lonely, disconnected, and numbed out.

Kundalini Yoga is very different from any other kind of yoga I’ve ever practiced before, and I was maybe a little put off at first when I read about it on paper. From firsthand experience, I can tell you, your first practice is truly an experience.

It has nothing to do with stretchy, tight-fitting yoga clothes, flexibility, or spending hours trying to achieve a headstand (all good things if that’s what you like), but if you’re searching for something different, for a spiritual experience, or for something in your mind and body to shift so that you feel good, Kundalini Yoga is worth a try.

Guru Jagat writes in her book, Invincible Living, “Known as a householder’s tradition, Kundalini Yoga is for people with jobs, families, relationships, homes, cars, creative practices…the path of ordinariness is the path to your own royalty, reality, and happiness. It’s meant to give you - in the throes of changing diapers, changing jobs, getting married, getting divorced - enough energy to amplify all of those parts of your experience, so that regular life is invigorating and joyous.”

With as little as three minutes a day, you can truly start to create change. Whether you are struggling through a difficult time in your life, battling an addiction of any kind, sitting in a hospital bed, or drowning in a stressful work cycle we like to call ‘productivity’, Kundalini Yoga can strengthen your nervous system so that you can cope with the pressure and the ups and down of a “well-lived life”.

There are no prerequisites - you do not need to be flexible, spiritual, experienced, or wear an expensive Mala, or have the time to practice an hour a day. As Guru Jagat states, “Anyone with a body, a mind, and a nervous system needs productive skills to cope with pressures of the world.”

You can practice Kundalini Yoga in front of your kids, in your bed, in the car, or standing in line getting groceries.

You are also not required to adhere to any other sort of dogma - you don’t have to become vegan, or stop listening to punk rock, or be anything other than someone who simply chose to show today as their best self, whatever that looks like for you.

If you find that you are interested in a quick fix that really works, check out Guru Jagat on Youtube, or on RA MA TV ( for practices you can start doing anywhere.