Letter to the Editor - Nov 16

Dear Editor,

Recent Ministry of Environment statistics reveal that conservation officers kill more small bear cubs than they take to rehab centers.

In 2015 a B.C. conservation officer on Vancouver Island was suspended for defying orders from his superiors to kill two eight week old black bear cubs.  A veterinarian found the cubs to be well and they were transferred to The North Island Wildlife Center on Vancouver Island.  They were released to the wild on June 24, 2016 at 18 months, wearing GPS collars to track movement, heart rate, temperature and hibernation routines in the wild.  Six other bears from the wildlife center were also released.

Letter to the Editor - Nov 16

The mother of these cubs was shot by a conservation officer for repeatedly stealing meat from a residential freezer.  I hope that we can protect the bears and ourselves by observing carefully researched outlines for doing so. If you are interested see references at the end.

It’s a privilege, in the modern world, to live with wildlife.  Many people successfully cohabit with their furry and feathered neighbours.  We consider our marsh side acreage south of Valemount B.C. a “safe zone” for wildlife.  We don’t freak out when the bears wander through the yard every year.  We do freak out when they are there and we can’t find the camera! We share the peas with the deer.  Birds enjoy the garden and the weasel lives under the house.

Kat and Mike Beeson, 2017

The Get Bear Smart Society www.bearsmart.com

Bear aware www.bearaware.com


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