Through the Lens with Leon Lorenz


Leon Lorenz

It's usually my objective to capture images of wildlife close up, which really shows the beauty and detail of each creature. However, because most wildlife are by nature wild this isn't always possible.

My best efforts in northern BC this past fall for my quest to film full frame shots of bull moose in action proved this point very well. It's one thing to get within easy rifle shooting range, but quite another to get inside 50 yards. The declining moose population in the Muskwa-Kechika area didn't help matters either where, after much searching high and low, turned up only two bulls for just brief moments of filming. Because my trips require lots of backpacking in steep and rugged country I don't use long heavy lenses, but use a wide to mid-range 28-300mm lens, which usually serves me well. Anyhow I believe the best zoom lens I can use is my two legs.

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