And the good news is . . .

Dianne St. Jean

While mainstream news stories in the past couple of weeks have been negative, many of those have been ongoing stories from previous reports.

For a change, especially in this past week, there have actually been a few good ones that brought forth some happiness. 

There were stories of healing, physical and emotional, and reconciliation – human to human, even pet to human; and, albeit dramatic and dangerous, there was even one of a successful escape from life in a terrible regime to freedom.

And yes, I am going to mention it – the engagement of Prince Harry to Meghan Markle – a typical “feel good” story. Every once in a while, we all need a feel good story.

Too often bad news dominates. We hear more about tragedy; and while we claim we don’t like bad news, it appears that people in general tend to be drawn more toward the dark and negative.

In Eleanor Deckert’s “Reflections” column this issue, she speaks about the universal struggle between light and darkness throughout history – ubiquitous to all cultures. In many ways this still exits.

Just take a look at consumer habits. ‘Dark’ movies or stories, whether fantasy or reality-based, sell better or are viewed more often than the ‘feel good’ stuff.

Print or online reports that dramatize conflict or scandal or tend to put a negative twist on things – while people may grumble about their effects – often sell more than good news stories.

Even our own little valley has its own fair share of negativity and bad news. Just within the past couple of weeks, our first responders have had to deal with three fatalities in three days, one right after the other, and by the memorials we see alongside our roadways, unfortunately our highways tend to be host to frequent bad accidents.

While we are expected to report those stories, I refused to make our front page negative this issue. The first thing I wanted our readers to see was a story of something good – something worth celebrating; hence, the snowmobile awards won by McBride and Valemount.

We get inundated with enough negative viewpoints and events – time for something fresh and fun.

So, here’s a challenge I want to put to our readers this week. 

First, every time you go to watch or read something – try to remember to take note of what type of story it is. Are you falling into the dramatic, the negative, even the scandalous?

Second – make a deliberate effort to select positive entertainment – even if it means watching some good old-fashioned comedies from the 60s or 70s, when people could have a laugh without destroying someone’s reputation at the same time.

Third – when you’re talking to or about other people, take note of the good in them, and see what a difference that makes to your day and theirs.

There’s always enough bad news that happens around us. For a change, let’s try to be the good news that all of us need from time to time.