Plans for Curling Club on ice due to warm weather

Dianne St. Jean
Plans for Curling Club on ice due to warm weather

For a while it seemed that Mother Nature was going to cooperate with the Valemount Curling Club’s decision to make natural ice.

Temperatures in late October and early November certainly looked like there was a good chance for success with that plan. However, initial starts to the club’s attempts were dashed with the onset of almost balmy temperatures for this time of year over the last month or so, evaporating what little they had laid down.

As a result, the club has no idea when the ice will be in.

The decision to make natural ice stems from a shortfall in funds to cover the expense of operating the ice plant, which needs to be replaced. They also struggle with high operational and maintenance costs.

“We do have extensions to all our existing grants,” commented Board member Korie Marshall, adding that they are looking into more funding.

In the meantime, the club is playing host to community events, including the Fireman's Christmas party, and other organizations, such as the Girl Guides and the Valemount Learning Centre may also consider the space for some of their programs and activities this winter.

They are also planning a dance on New Year’s.

So, until the weather becomes consistently cold enough, plans for natural ice have so far been, as they say… put on ice.