A Valemountain Days update

A Valemountain Days update

The second attempt at holding an AGM for Valemount Community Sports Day Association last Thursday was disappointing to say the least. Only five people attended, two of whom were from the previous board.

In an ironic turn of events, all six of the board members from 2015 - 2017 tendered their resignation effective Dec. 12, leaving the organization literally in limbo.  

Regardless of whether we have a summer festival or not in 2018, the annual report still needs to be filed, so it was agreed that Marie Birkbeck would be the ad-hoc interim Chairperson and work with BC Societies to request an extension on the filing deadline untwil a meeting can be held to fill the positions.

Birkbeck has also stated that although she is not interested in taking on the leadership role going forward, she is willing to stay on in an advisory position to assist with bringing the bylaws up to date and transitioning to the new mandatory bylaw format.

 With Christmas right around the corner, it is not practical to even try and schedule another meeting until mid to late January. Meanwhile, a thread on Social Media has had several good suggestions about how the group may proceed.

Anyone interested in sitting on the Board or heading up an event committee is asked to please email your intentions to MARIE.ABBC@gmail.com

Once a date, time, and venue for the next meeting has been determined, an ad will be placed in the newspapers and on social media.