Natale Neilands – Mobility & Motion

Dianne St. Jean

With new residents moving in, we thought it would be nice to introduce people from the community.

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Natale Neilands – Mobility & Motion
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Natale Neilands first moved to Valemount a few years ago to work as a dogsled guide at Cold Fire Creek.

Having a background in body work, she decided to bring those skills to the community. She started with a few clients, initially focusing on massage, then included fascial stretch therapy and cranial sacral therapy.

Fascial stretch therapy is table-based, assisted stretching in which the client is allowed to relax while the therapist does the stretching of the body for them.

“It is a totally different experience,” explains Neilands, “I’m doing the work for you, but it also allows me to see how your body is holding on to tension and where, and what your range of motion is.” This gives her a good foundation for the treatment and tells her what she needs to focus on for each client.

“A lot of times people are one-side dominant from repetitive motion, that creates poor posture, tension, or anterior rotation - anything where the function of your body is being compromised,” says Neilands.

Cranial sacral therapy is working with the head and down the spinal column to the pelvis, an important line in physiology since this is where all the nervous system connects and spinal fluids flow through. Back or hip trauma or injury compromises that flow and creates what Neilands refers to as “dis-ease”, spots where there is inhibited circulation and pain. “Listening” to the body through the cerebral spinal pulse reveals weaknesses in the flow and allows her to figure out where those restrictions are. Her assessments and treatments are unique to each client situation.

“Generally an injury or an area where there has been a problem for a while causes the body to ‘protect’ it – the more ‘protection’ it gets, the more closed off it becomes,” she explains.
Neilands’ job is to open up the body, get into that zone and release those points of tension or trauma through trigger point therapy, getting the lymph fluids flowing.

The area of health and the body has always been an interest to Neilands. She is a weight lifter and athlete, and has previously worked as a personal trainer, specializing on posture and mobility. “I found that a lot of people that were coming for training had all these goals – losing weight or strengthening – but looking at their body, it wasn’t even aligned. So I can’t get you lifting weights or on a strength training program without fixing this first, because then you’re just strengthening the problem.”

This led her to go beyond the superficial and dig deeper into the effects of injuries, trauma, and the emotional state of the body. She also works with ortho bionomy, which is body release of trauma, working on the emotional level of the body, since emotions and the physical body are intricately tied together. One will affect the other.

If you have tension and stiffness, pain or even general discomfort, give Natale a call. I had the privilege of experiencing one of her therapy sessions, and believe me – it’s worth it! Neilands currently works from her home. You can contact her at 1(226) 373-1258 or