McBride ‘Posse’ trial hits another delay in Superior Court

Allan Frederick
McBride ‘Posse’ trial hits another delay in Superior Court

The long-awaited trial for the McBride ‘Posse’ group was to have been completed in January this year; however, upon commencement of trial there were issues with two of the defendants not having legal counsel available to represent them.

Proceedings for the incident, which dates back to Sept. 21, 2014, had been started in local McBride Provincial Court prior to being slated for Judge and Jury in BC Superior Court for early January 2018.

The defendants came to be known as ‘the Posse’ because they rode into town on horseback to confront a McBride resident at his home.

The charges against each of the four defendants include assault, assault causing bodily harm, break and enter to commit an indictable offence, and two charges of uttering threats.

Defendants Kevin Gary Spencer and Brandon Christopher McLean were without legal counsel at the start of the scheduled trial in BC Superior Court in Prince George, and in an effort to have the trial proceed Crown Prosecutor Geoff McDonald asked to have these two defendants receive a Stay of Proceedings on their charges, which the Judge granted.

Legal counsel for the remaining two defendants Thomas Michael Ryan and Custin Lawrence Ryan asked that the matter be reviewed as their clients hadn’t received quick justice and the time delay was significant.

Also discussed was the issue of the Stay of Proceedings against the two accused, Spencer and McLean - that these individuals may be called upon to testify on behalf of the Crown, which may change the defense position.

On Jan. 17 Judge Tindale, after reviewing the details of the case to date, denied the request for dismissal and set a new date of Apr. 9, 2018 for a six-day trial to proceed against the two remaining accused, Thomas Michael Ryann and Custin Lawrence Ryan.