Valemount’s Historic Society in need of directors

Dianne St. Jean
Valemount’s Historic Society in need of directors

According to Historic Society directors and Council representative Peter Reimer, Valemount’s Historic Society is in dire need of directors.

Presently there are four directors, the minimum number required. However, says Paul Johnson, should any of those directors be unable to attend meetings in which decisions have to be made, it places the Society in a dilemma.

For that reason, Johnson would like to see at least ten directors on the Board.

Presently the Society has no President.

The Historic Society plays a key role in the functioning of the Museum. They are the ones who apply for the grants that fund Museum operations.

They also take care of the archives.

Although the land and buildings the Museum is located on are owned by the Village of Valemount, the Village would be unable to access the same funds as they are not a society.

Should the Historic Society somehow become defunct, the Village would have to take over its operations, and that would mean cutting into its budget.

The Museum would function for the remainder of the year until funds already acquired run out.

The Society appears to have a similar problem faced by a number of groups in Valemount – an aging population of volunteers who are weary and need younger people to take up their positions.

The Society’s AGM is tentatively set for March 13.

If anyone has any questions about joining the Society or would like more information, you can call Paul at 566-9154.