Valemount Senior Citizens’ Club report

Marie Birkbeck

Over the past several months the Valemount Senior Citizens’ Club (VSCC) has been actively searching out ways to become more visible within the community.

The community interest survey circulated in January had a disappointingly low response, but it did provide a good starting point on which to build their annual calendar.

The Committee met on Monday (Feb. 12) to prioritize and shortlist the submissions in each of the three categories: Activities, Events and Fundraisers.

In choosing which projects were do-able we had to consider if they fell within our mandate, if a given event/activity was being offered elsewhere in the community, if it was demographically appropriate, or would appeal to more than just a select number of seniors.

There were several very good suggestions that were not totally ruled out but carry legal and financial implications that need to be investigated before they can be considered.  

Interested persons are invited to the General Meeting on Wednesday, March 7 at 1:30 p.m. in Golden Years Lodge lower lounge, at which time the short list will be presented, and a decision made on which projects will form part of the 2018 action plan.