Leon Lorenz
Snowshoe Hare

With the snowshoe hare being at the top of the menu for many predators camouflage provides an improved ability to remain undetected. Here in late February this hare has already started to make the colour change back to its brown colour of summer. This colour change is directly related to the lengthening of the day's light cycle and takes about ten weeks. In the far northern regions where there are longer winters and less hours of daylight the hares will remain white longer, while hares that live where the photoperiod is much longer will stay permanently brown.  

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Snowshoe Hare

leon lorenz photo 

The beauty of winter appears to echo the sentiment of the season. The awe-inspiring picture of snow draped over the wilderness of the Robson Valley is a splendorous sight. As beautiful as it is, however, many are beginning to succumb to the blues of winter and long for warmer days of sun and spring.