Statements of Opposition to Trans Mountain pipeline withdrawn

Dianne St. Jean
Statements of Opposition to Trans Mountain pipeline withdrawn

Detailed route hearings on the Trans Mountain pipeline that were scheduled to happen in Valemount on Tuesday morning, February 27 were cancelled.

According to information given by the National Energy Board (NEB) on Monday, landowners with concerns regarding the proposed detailed route of the Project in relation to their property withdrew their Statements of Opposition, stating that they had resolved issues with the company.

The concerned parties had filed their Landowners or Affected Persons statements back in May of 2017 with the NEB.

Aside from private property owners, IntraWest ULC of Vancouver had also filed a statement. IntraWest owns, operates, and manages destination resorts and other vacation services.

On Tuesday, February 27 the NEB announced that IntraWest ULC had also withdrawn its Statement of Opposition A83800, which was filed on May 24, 2017.

There was also to be a hearing in Clearwater that week following the one in Valemount, which was later postponed to the following Monday.

The NEB had granted the detailed route hearing of the Landowners or Affected Persons Route of the Pipeline for Segment 3 and Segment 4 in a Letter of Decision dated 16 November 2017.