Jasper National Park News

Winter backcountry use now in full swing at Jasper National Park

ryan bray - parks canada photo 
Woodland Caribou in field
ryan bray - parks canada photo Woodland Caribou in field

As of Thursday, March 1st, backcountry trails in the Maligne Valley, Sunwapta, and North Boundary have opened for winter use.

Parks Canada would like to thank Jasper National Park’s winter recreationalists for respecting these seasonal closures that help support caribou conservation.

The Maligne Valley, Sunwapta and North Boundary areas offer a variety of day and overnight ski touring and snowshoeing options in spectacular alpine environments. Touring in these areas requires a greater degree of knowledge, ability and self-reliance. Be sure to research the trip and trail conditions before you go.

For trip planning, trail conditions and information on Jasper’s winter activities, please visit www.parkscanada.gc.ca/jasper or stop by the Jasper Information Centre.

Seasonal closures are part of on-going conservation efforts for woodland caribou, a species-at-risk in Jasper National Park, including caribou and wolf monitoring, and measures to reduce disturbance to caribou on trails and roadways.

Your actions matter:

    Stay on designated trails and avoid areas that have obvious signs of caribou - watch for tracks or craters where caribou have dug through the snow foraging for lichen.

    If you get the chance to see a caribou, as with all wildlife, remember to keep your distance and give them space, for your safety and theirs.

    You can help with caribou monitoring by reporting sightings and sharing pictures with Parks Canada. Call Dispatch at 780-852-6155.