Great news for McBride

Allan Frederick
Great news for McBride

Recently the Village of McBride received a grant of $944,970 from the Federal Gas Tax Fund. Approximately 300 meters of new sanitary sewer pipe will be covered by this grant along with the replacement of service connections to 32 residences. Also included will be 380 meters of new storm sewer main and auxiliary infrastructure with new service connections to the property lines.

The community will only have to provide the equivalent of $7,500 in equipment and staffing costs, meaning that 100 percent of the project will be funded. 

In 2010 the Village of McBride installed a new eco-sensitive wastewater treatment facility and had completed phases one and two which provides storm sewer installation along Columbia Street between First to 5Th Avenues.

The third phase will now include replacement of new storm sewer lines between 4th and 5th Avenues from Columbia Street to Main Street.

The existing sewage collection lines are over 70 years old and have had significant infiltration and inflow of drainage water, thereby placing stress on the Village of McBride’s wastewater system.

Included in the good news is the progress of Karen Dube, Community Economic Development Co-ordinator (CEDC) for the Village, along with several meetings with most local accommodation providers, explaining how the Municipal and Regional District Tax could help them and what is involved in the collection and administration of the monies.

Dube said that there appeared to be a lot of misconception about the tax and potential benefits by the accommodation providers. Approximately 80 percent of the accommodation people are presently on board and the next steps are being prepared.

The process will take most of the remaining part of this calendar year before collection of the accommodation tax will be made. The group will be applying for a 2 percent tax rate on the accommodation charge and will be collected and submitted by the providers with their Provincial Sales Tax settlements. 

Significant power in the decision making as to how the tax monies collected are spent will be in the hands of the accommodation providers themselves. For CEDC Dube it was a matter of “getting the ball rolling” and the work continues on.